Project 81 Hack Job!!!!!

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  1. Holy mother of god! where are the interior pictures! :p
  2. Sweeeeeeeeet! :drool:

    The yellow paint, chrome wheels, and window tint are perfect together. Very clean.

    Great job!!!! :nice:
  3. Love it, man. Love it. Looks great. The funny thing is, and to this I am being totally honest, I Never even noticed the swirl in any of the pictures other than on the moulding on the black notch. I didnt notice at all, haha.
  4. That's funny. I swirled around the pics and stuff because I am on a local forum board too.

    Prime Lord---I'll get the interior shots soon. I can't work on this car when it's so nice outside. It's been a loooong winter, so I need to enjoy this thing!!
  5. Woohoo..Looks Sweeeeett Bro.:nice::nice:

    But of already know that.:D

    Both cars are sweet,wish I had the Cash..i would make you an offer on the Black coupe.
  6. Thanks. :D Offers sure do sound tempting since I haven't driven it lately, and nor have I wanted to because of Hack Job. I feel bad letting it sit, and I would feel worse if I sold it. But, as I think if over, I originally wanted to install a 4.6L in the black one when I got it stripped, but wasn't sure on how to go about it. But, after the 2 years of lurking in different forums, and seeing pictures, I knew I could handle it....but needed another notch, since I wouldn't dare tear my finished black one apart for that kind of swap. I know I would be making profit off my black one, but I just can't bring myself to reality and realize that I don't need 3 Mustangs. .:rlaugh:
  7. The 4.6 fits in there so well.. it almost looks too easy now that its all done.. It went together so well and looks factory..

  8. :jaw:Hack Job is such an awesome car. The engine looks like it's meant to be there and the exterior looks amazing .:nice:
  9. i wish i had one of my own again. i miss the sound.
  10. For the last time Ryan! You can't complain about it when you made the choice not to get another Stang! hehe. :p

    SVT - I know the shots are coming, I just like to give you crap about it. :D
  11. Yeah, I know....there is nothing wrong with that....:D I will try to accomplish something soon. I have finals WED and THUR night, so after that I am free from school until late Sept. Going part time sucks, but I need to work full time. I will get them...I promise!:nice:
  12. Do you have aftermarket caster camber plates on your car ?
  13. i don't get it. you say you have 3 stangs but i cant seem to find your sn95 for the love of me. ive looked through your list of threads you've made, and the 4.6 picture thread. does it exist?
  14. No. 91 struts, and 81 upper mounting plates, 81 caster camber plates. The plates are the same from 79-89. In 90, they switched the pattern of how they bolt up...and even turned one side around.

    Yeah, the 96 Cobra, the 91 notch and the 81 notch. I got all three in the garage. I haven't driven my Cobra since August 2007. Here are some pics and a vid. I'm so mad I don't drive it. I think the 91 has gotta go man...:nonono:

    This is June 2007. The L is gone as of August 2007. That's my Dad's Shelby and Hack Job wasn't even a sparkle in my eye just yet...:D

    Woodward Dream Cruise August 2007
    View attachment 316017

    All of us.
    View attachment 316018

    The stangs at the JY.
    View attachment 316019

    Woodward 2006, not cruise day, just days before.
    View attachment 316020

    Woodward Cream Cruise 2006 it rained the WHOLE DAY!!! There is my 91 notch two cars down. My Dad took that for me.
    View attachment 316021

    All our crew at my friends house


    2005...I miss the two SVT's. I sold it to a friend, who traded it for that 90GT with the big cowl hood, in between my Cobra and my notch at WWDC 2006.

    And a vid

  15. Beautifel group of cars. Which do you like better as a DD? The Fox or the Aero?
  16. Sweet Pics Man And Super Nice Cars!!!!
  17. damn I want an L
  18. wow, gorgeous cars and does your friend happen to own microsoft? who the hell has a house like that :D
  19. Thanks guys. I like DDing the yellow coupe. It has all brand new suspension in the front, so I think that is a HUGE difference between the ride quality of the 81 vs. the 91. Plus I believe that steering shaft/firewall bearing mod from the 2001 also helps out.

    That is a friend I met in 2006. We knew of each other since 2002, but never talked much. We had a grudge between his white Saleen, and my 95 Procharged GT vert back in the day. We started talking one night at a party, and we've been friends ever since. I'm not too sure what his Dad does, but the house is super nice. I was just there a few weeks ago. He had a party in the basement which I had never been in. The basement is bigger than my entire peice of property that I own....front yard, house, backyard....haha. It is unfinished, and we had tons of people down there, playing beer pong, tipy cup, people dancing, people hanging out, horsin around etc... I know we had 10 cars in the driveway, maybe 11, not sure if there was one hidden back there or not.