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  1. Hello Everyone!

    I was hoping that I could get some straightforward feedback about Saleen ownership. I have always been fascinated by specialty mustangs, like Saleen and Roush. Because of Saleen's recent financial issues, the prices have come down somewhat, and I am thinking of picking one up. I have seen both 2005 and 2006 Saleen Mustangs available locally.

    How reliable are Saleen Mustangs compared to regular mustangs? Is it hard to find someone to fix them, or to find parts?

    What I am really worried about is the complexity of the engines. The other car that I am interested in are the 1993-95 era Mazda RX7s, and those are VERY high maintenence, unreliable, and tough to find help with. I am not a mechanic, and the last thing that I want is to be stuck with a difficult car with no one to help me with it.

  2. The nice thing about the Saleen S281 and S302 series, especially the 3-Valve (non-supercharged), or the Supercharged, is drivetrain-wise it's basically untouched bullet-proof Ford components.

    Prices these days are very attractive indeed on "fun" cars like these.

    Most of the few problems that these cars were Ford problems, and had have the bugs worked out of them already through Ford warranty. There were a few Saleen-specific problems, but most of those were also worked out, but it's good to be aware of them when making a purchasing decision. We've got a few TSBs listed on our site and I'm sure you can find them elsewhere online. Some "problems" are taken care of by understanding how the vehicle behaves, and giving it a little TLC. Again, most are worked out.

    Extreme models have the engines worked over and can also be a great bargain, but remember the powertrain is "all Saleen" and so the shorter warranty and lack of Ford support on the internals is about the only additional drawback.

    In our Literature section we have spec sheets and brochures so you can see what the various equipment options were for a particular model.

    Before you buy, be sure to call 800-888-8945 with the Ford VIN to make sure it's a genuine Saleen and how it was equipped.

    Parts are readily available for late models. Ford dealers will generally do work on them to keep them running, but some simply won't because they're intimidated or something other than a Taurus is a hassle.

    Most speed shops that work on Mustangs will dive right in and are a pretty good source for routine work and maintenance. Depending on where you live may dictate the inconvenience level. If it's not your primary driving vehicle, you shouldn't have a problem as you might expect some holdups assembling parts and knowledge if you have a problem.

    Saleens are fun, exclusive, and attract a lot of attention.
  3. I don't think Saleen's finacial "issues" whatever those are, have anything to do with the price of a Saleen:shrug:.

    GL in your search:)
  4. Thanks!

    Thanks Jim D! What a very helpful response!:hail2:
  5. I can say, I've owned 10 different Mustangs. GT's, Cobra's whatever. You name it (with the exception of a Roush) I've owned it. My current car is a 2001 Saleen S281 SC. This car is hands down the best car i've every owned. It is a blast to drive and the looks and comments from people when you drive one never disappoints. I would recommend one in a heartbeat.