Received hate mail about starting my car..

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  1. I'm going to pretend you never said that.

    LOL :)
  2. Thank god. I was about to call u out on that one :p
  3. I've got one of the loudest cars in my neighborhood but it's not that loud. It just sounds like I'm doing 50mph when I'm doing 20mph. I had one lady **** me out one day for speeding. I wasn't speeding, I just sounded like I was speeding.

  4. Same thing here but one neighbor didnt like when I park on the street in front of my house. I live on a curvy mountain road but they are all curvy mountain roads here. The police came and were mad they were called. Its a legal car parked legally.

    "A slight update:

    In talking to a pair of my secluded neighbors, we found out who really makes a point that my car is too loud and I am racing everywhere I go. (Which I do not). It is my next door neighbor who is an elderly lady who lives alone. She cursed me out, my parents out and my friends out for driving those white convertibles (an s2000 and another Mustang) to these neighbors. The only reason the nicer neighbors spoke to her is because her lawn company trashed 3 of the nicer neighbors sprinklers. When talking to the nicer neighbors, they stated that the woman was crazy, profane and unlikely to do anything other than ****. I'll attempt to be more considerate from now on, but that hag doesn't deserve any respect from my family."

    You guys said it all. Someone would stand a better chance by asking nicely than being a jerk. If the hag was nice you may be able to drive the other way down the street or something. Writing hate mail does not warrant much consideration other than protecting yourself. Just make sure you are obeying the laws in your neighborhood and the police will side with you. If your car is illegal you should not drive it, or accept the ticket.