Build Thread "Rising from Ashes" 94 Cobra build thread

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  1. Too much time with the car and not the wife and this thread will be called "Ask The Lonely".
  2. Ha ha! not to worry. The wife comes out to the garage all time.
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  3. I am sure the wife understands he is "Faithfully" devoted where it counts
  4. I have no track titles to add, but Im excited to see pics of paint!!!!
  5. very nice the t top car is sweet , keep the updates coming
  6. Than
    Thanks man...Doing quiet a bit of work to the Mach 1 right now, so I'll also try to post some pics of it when done.
  7. Been doing some work to the 04 Mach 1. The car only has 12,000 miles so its pretty clean. The only mods were Bassani longtubes and full exhaust...which I'm sure were not cheap. I am going to be working on this car in phases. This phase is some brake, suspension and detail work on her. I've also got some different wheels going on. But here's where this phase stands. Just about to set it back on the ground for some summer driving.
    Here is the start
    Some powdercoating
    MM Bumpsteer, coilovers, Steeda X2 balljoints and MM sport Bilsteins
    Got to add some stuff to the engine bay as well
    Should be setting it back down in the next couple of days.
  8. Very nice. It'll nice to see the difference once it's back on the ground.
  9. So you own a gorgeous fox, a CLEAN Mach 1, and you still have time/money for a very in depth Cobra project?
    Good lord. If only I had the time and money that you do. I am jealous.
  10. i like the mach i have always had a sweet spot for them
  11. Thanks man! should have it down in a few days. Just need to find the time to button a few things up,
    Thanks man...after I lost a couple of my Mustangs in a fire...I decided I would go all out and just build a better collection of them. I'm not done yet!
    Me too...I remember driving around the Ford lots drooling over an 04 CO Mach 1.
  12. looking good so far. nice choice of suspension parts to get it handling pretty solid. thoughts on a 99-01 cobra bumper? those are the best looking bumpers for the mach 1s
  13. Thanks! I think your right on that one. I will be painting the entire car at some point. The paint is what most consider mint. It has never even seen rain, but its still just factory paint with factory orange peel. I want the glass look and I'm going to paint on all the stripes and such and add some subtle touches.
  14. Another progress thread?!?! :eek: Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
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  15. Not the best pics...I'm still working on the alignment to get it where I want, but this is where I set the ride height.
  16. that lighting really makes the car look orange. maybe it's just the angle, but it looks like the back should come down a hair more to match the front.
  17. Its actually the angle. The rear actually sits the same. The first pic was when I was squeezing the new wheels in. I widened the deep dish Mach wheels to 11 inches, so I had to do some work to get them to clear. If I turn the flash on...its red, flash off orange. But that's kinda why I like Competition orange.
  18. Can you do my calipers for my 01 Bullitt? I would like them powder coated and say Bullitt on them like the Mach 1 you did. What colors can you do?
  19. i would do a gold pearl over the orange and reclear it that would look awesome and how wide are the tires on rear now ?
  20. The rears are now 17 x 11 with a 315/35 tire. Good suggestion on the pearl.