Build Thread "Rising from Ashes" 94 Cobra build thread

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  1. Thanks dude!
    More parts coming in. Started mocking up fuel system. I've used Aeromotive A1000 pumps in the past, but they have been coming back with issues and I've replaced with this setup, so Dual Walbros it is for this one. Also started getting cooling system pieces. everything will be AN and black.
  2. looking good keep the pics coming
  3. Trunk and rear work continues
    Rear lowers
    Started shaving and smoothing my intake
    Saleen leather gauge pod
    Tail light covers that I started sanding and blocking smooth should be ready for some primer.
    Custom made headlight knob.
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  4. That hood looks like GLASS!!!!! I cant give u enough comps. Mixing the old color scheme in with the new was simply GENIUS. Excellent excellent excellent. A++++++++ Keep going!!!!!!!!!!!

    I looked at the pic of your intake and wanted to ask if you are going to go with a Fox throttle body set up. And if so are you going to run the cruise control. And if so. Can you explain how that is done? Is it dificult. Ive been searching around but cannot find a solid answer. Seems like everyone avoids doing that part of the swap. Thanks sir.
  5. I'm ready to do something really cool on that upper plenum.
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  6. Thanks man...
    Yes, I always run the fox setup. This one will actually have the fox throttle setup as well as fox accessories. I will not be using cruise on this one, but the swap is easy. Just use the fox cruise control cable and swap ends on it.
    Yeah...I think we can do something :drool:.
  7. leather saleen gauge pod? thats a new one for me. didn't know they made a leather version of that pod.
  8. Yeah...pretty hard to find piece. Matches the dash much better than the plastic ones. Most I have come across are bubbled and peeling from sun exposure.
  9. I think the best thing about the new forum layout is that your screen name finally fits on one line. The car is looking great!
  10. username from a car that I sold 10 years ago. Should have picked one that would have still been relevant.
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  11. You can change it. Contact the mods.
  12. I think just about everyone here has a screen name that is no longer relevant to their current car. Haha. I sold my '02 in 2010.
  13. My email is still cutlassracer. Haven't owned and Olds in 10 years.

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  14. Yeah and I'm just to old and set my ways to change. Besides thats what everybody knows me by. I'll wait till I'm on the lamb to change my identity.
  15. One tub in
    First light of day in a long time
    And finally...sprayed about 10 inches of sanding and grinding dust out
  16. Wish I had the time and money to fully go into it with my car.

    I still say you have got to have the most amazing spouse ever putting up with all your hours involved in your hobby.
  17. Thanks man! I am definitely blessed to have a great wife. She has always supported the car obsession.
  18. looking great how are you going to do the trunk ?
  19. Going to bring a roll cage back and sink the battery and fuel cell underneath. Then I'll finish it all out with panels and carpet for a stock look. May even cut down and upholster the back seat for the heck of it.
    BTW: I found the wheels we talked about at Carlilse. In fact, I some how ended up buying two sets and I'm going to cut one up and widen in the next two weeks.
  20. So I have to ask, when you widen the wheels, do you cut a lap joint in the rim sections and in the piece you add in? Or do you just butt weld them together? Just wondering how you keep them concentric when you weld the pieces back together.