Seafoam is teh *****!

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  2. I don't know what this is but I was on hold (on the phone) just now and threw this together. No idea why and did it quickly ... seafoam thread is hardcore!!


  3. So will it maybe improve gas mileage too?
  4. Seafoam? It can
  5. I can't wait to go get some seafoam! I'll write a review once this thread falls off the first page.
  6. Seafoamed the muffstain again today :nice: Nice smokeshow to say the least :drool:
  7. I drink seafoam. :Track:
  8. I imagine that really clears out your digestive system :nice:
  9. There is nothing it cannot do. It even stabilizes the gasoline in the gas can you use to fill your lawn mower :)
  10. I used it a couple weeks ago. Put a full can in my gas tank, a week later did half through vacuum and half directly into oil. Got a nice smoke show. I really can't say I feel a difference in performance or how the car runs, definetly not worse, but I dont think any better (oh and I got an oil change about a hundo miles after i ran it.)
  11. OK back again, gonna hit up the Pimp Van Previa one more time with a dose of sea foam. It's do for emissons inspection next month and I was hoping to use the sea foam to hopefully clear out the carbon so she'll pass. Any other recommendations oh what I should do to help her pass?

    I was thinking....

    Use Sea Foam
    Then do an oil change
    Change the plugs maybe?

    Thanks for the help and advice..
  12. Check the exhaust and make sure that there aren't any leaky spots. I don't know how well the pimp ride has been maintained but you could do some throttle body cleanage, pcv, fuel filter .. that type stuff. :shrug:
  13. I'm keeping this thread alive. Was a little bored last night so cleaned the MAF, throttle body and air filter box. Did the Seafoam thing again and the car was acting weird and threw the SES light. Found out that I forgot to plug the MAF back in before I started it up. :doh:
    This time it was the best smoke show ever! Had it pouring out for quite a while and since there was no wind it hung around. The neighbor peeked out wondering what was up and I was waiting for someone to call the Fire Dept about the smoke. But no call came in (I'm a volunteer for the FD) thankfully as I didn't want to explain myself or call in to cancel. It bucked while driving for a while but after a few minutes on the highway it smoothed out. Don't know if it is in my head but the car feels much smoother again.
    This stuff rules!!! :banana:

    PS. No video of said smoke. :(
  14. So do you need to change your oil once you do the seafoam?
  15. It depends in your method of entry. You can run it in your oil, however I go with the vaccuum line just so I can get an instant smoke show :D
  16. I meant that if you ran it through the vacum do you need to change the oil. I was thinking of using some.
  17. No .. only if you pour it directly into the oil.

  18. She passed!!! :hail2: Ran some seafoam thru the brake booster hose Wed like I've done in the past, took her in Thurs for the emissons test and she passed!!! I had a good feeling she would and it worked out.

    Yes she's ugly as sin, looks like a space capsule, or lunch box on wheels, but she helps keep the miles of the Mustang, good when it rains, can park her anywhere and not care about door dings, cops don't look twice, people actually let me in during bumper to bumper traffic when I signal!!!. Long live the Pimp Van :rlaugh:
  19. Man, I ain't gonna hate on that thing. If you ever got into a fender bender, just get out and walk away. :D
  20. Yeah I love to drive crappy cars. I even want to be rear ended now. Save the mustang for when I feel like driving.