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  1. Lol nah, the lock just jumped over the lever, easy fix.

    Nothing done today, went to go look at wedding venues. Holy fawq they're expensive.

    Also, when I was building the Hoopty, I ordered a bunch of 2.5" tubing and then sold it when I sold the car. A guy building an SVO locally bought it and never used it, so Im getting it all back for $40. And after ordering a couple of V bands for $60, that'll equate to a $100 hot side. Woot woot.
  2. The guy who bought the '87 did some mods and shot me a pic today......


    Uploaded with


    AND!!! The couple who bought my white '99 a few months ago called asking for a copy of the bill of sale. The husband blew the engine and they cant afford to fix it, so they're selling it.:rolleyes:
    I suggested swapping in a shock short block for a few hundred dollars to get it driving again, but that got poo-pooed. They want $4k, and paid $8500 a few months ago. Sweet mother of pearl if I had the money laying around...
  3. Got a pair of 2.5" V-bands in the mail today ($30 each, WTF?!?) and yesterday I picked up some of the tubing bends for the hot side - he's gotta find the straight pieces he said he has somewhere, so I can at least get the merge and cross over done.... All this after I get the suspension hung, the engine bay stripped and cleaned and engine/trans stuffed back in.

    I also start a normal job on Monday. No more 4-6 weeks on a miserable boat off the coast of some 3rd world s hit hole . It's gonna be 7-5 m-f with a big pay cut. But I get to come home every night, so its worth it and then some.

    What does this mean for the project? 1) It's gonna move slower - especially since I gotta save for the wedding. 2) It'll force me to take my time and make it pretty, which will please NIKwoaC, Hah!

    So it's no longer a "Sloppy Seconds" build. Maybe Noobz347 can rename the thread to something more appropriate.

  4. Not only Nik,....I had a gigantor problem w/ that dirty engine you were working with.......:oops:
  5. Well played sir, well played.

    Oh it's still filthy. No longer greasy, just dirty. It's gonna be cleaned and the block will be painted silver to match the rest of the aluminum parts. Just wanna finish the fab work before I break out the rattle can, haha
  6. slow boat to china PAHAHAHAHHHAHAHHAHA should be more like slow boat to bankruptcy ya know since your using a gm motor and Detroit just went bankrupt. haha get it get it get it? yeah you got it hahaha
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  7. Yesssss this car is gonna be cool as hell. I can commiserate with you on the wedding stuff too, it ain't cheap and it's a time sucker. It'll pay off in the end though. My tip for a happy marriage: just do everything she wants. LOL.
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  8. With my last day of freedom, I cut out all of the stock rear suspension stuff and put in the tubs. They're just tacked in, I ran out of mix gas....

    Hindsight - I should have told the guy who bought it I needed more time. I honestly didn't think it was going to sell so quickly, and it forced me to hurry through cutting out the stuff I was keeping. I hacked out the tubs and REALLY shouldn't have, it's going to take a ton a time to make it look presentable - but it will look nice.



    Also bolted the calipers on to the axle. Gonna need some washers to get them to fit right. Has anyone run into this before? Having to shim the calipers to get them to fit right? It's an 8.8 with 9" ends and SN rear disc brakes.



    Im also going to try and run the stock tank w/o a sump as long as I can. With a stock hood, it should look really close to stock, if you don't count the 325 wide drag radials, hahah

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  9. It's been 3 weeks since I've even cracked the garage. The new job and weekend commitments has had me constantly running. This morning, I was dead set on getting stuff done, so I loaded up the welding gas bottle to go exchange it and they're closed.

    Bubble? Burst.
  10. Haha oh man that sucks.

    BTW, it's been a long time, but I want to say I had to shim my calipers. My setup is completely different- I'm running NRC brackets and cobra brakes on stock length Fox axles, but I THINK I had the same issue.
  11. When I did my rear brake set up I had to shim the calipers with washers but I have a different set up than you. I'm not running 9" ends
  12. I had to do the same thing with my calipers
  13. Good to see this progressing slowly;) up to the name of the thread:cool:!

  14. Slowly indeed, Scott. I was able to spend about 10 mins cutting out some sheet metal to finish the tubs yesterday before I was drug off on a shopping adventure. Plus it was friggin hot, so I wasn't too reluctant...
  15. A Monster waiting to happen!!!! Luv the fox. Have fun with the construction.
    I'm also a big "New Edge" fan. I was looking for 99 when I bought this one.
    So nice car there as well!!!!
  16. Thanks! Although the '99 is long gone and the new owner blew the motor a month or so ago.

    So tonight, I came home from work expecting to get some stuff done. I got most of the trunk pan trimmed out so I could get all the suspension doo-dads welded back in. 15 mins in, the phone rings, instructing me to bring some stuff up to the school. (finance is a teacher, getting ready for the year to start).

    There was a point in time where I could work on my car every day for a month straight. Almost miss working offshore. <--- Hah, NO. No I don't.
  17. Just wait, it only gets worse. Then you have kids. BTW, my wife is a teacher too so I know exactly what you're going through.
  18. Does anyone know if there is enough real estate under the rear of a fox to accomodate an ARB, coilovers mounted inboard of the frame rails, AND a stock tank? I'd really like to keep the stock tank with a couple of in-tank pumps for a stock-ish look.
  19. Certainly is, it's not very easy to package it all in there but it can be done. My buddies car is done that way. We cut about 6" of the spare tire well out towards the front and had to plate it back in to make room for the coil overs, so you can count your spare tire out, lol. but stock tank coil overs and arb = 1.32 60' for a street driven fox....not too bad!
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