Special 70 Mach-1 ?

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  1. Looks more like a Mach 1 converted into a Boss clone as the 05 in the vin would suggest. That would explain the missing trim pieces. Also note the clock is present in the dash (page 1) and the grey stipe on the front seat above.
  2. Here`s a picture of the back. I dident get all the way in the car and i dident see the trunk. But is this fold down back seat ???
    Hard to say from that pic, if it is it's missing the chrome trim along the edges.

    Looks more like a Mach 1 converted into a Boss clone as the 05 in the vin would suggest.
    The 05 code give it the fastback roof line, you will need the Buck tag to tell what the add ons would have been.
    The ram air hood could have been from a donor.

  3. 05 = Mach 1
    02 = Sportsroof and/or Boss
  4. I stand corrected.
  5. Pabear89, is that your car in your avatar?
    Do you have some larger pictures?
  6. Yep thats my toy. :D
    What did you wish to see?

  7. I just wanted to get a better look.
    It looks like it has a nice stance.

  8. Thanks, all stock suspension, with cragers and small 14 in tires.
    will see if i can get some better pic's to post.
  9. sorry, when I said Mach1's I was referring to the body style of current discussion which is 69/70 models.
  10. but the real question here is WHY, oh WHY would somebody turn a 351 Mach into a Boss 302 clone (which, if it's a clone, is likely just a standard 302 engine anyway)?

  11. There was a difference between the '69-'70 and '71 and later. There were quite a few interior and exterior upgrades with the Mach1 package at first including at least a 351-2v with 9" rear end. After '71 the Mach 1 could come with a 302-2v engine and I don't think there was much of an interior upgrade. I know the '71 Mach came with up to a 429 engine but the minumum options were a lot lower than in '69-'70, I think to cut costs. My '69 Mach 1 was hacked up also when I bought it. I had the vin# and warranty plate and original Title. It was an "M" code car but had a 302, C4 tranny and 8" rear when I bought it. Someone must have stripped the entire drivetrain out at some point. I think there were so many built that people didn't care until years later after driving Mustang II's. You can run that Marti report on the Vin# to find out if it was an original Mach1, you could get ram-air so maybe they used the parts on the 302 after blowing up the 351.
  12. no boss came with an automatic did it? seems like its a plain ole 70 sportsroof made into a fake mach 1.
  13. nope, no auto bosses, and thats definately not a boss engine.
  14. not that there is really anything plain ole about a 70 sportsroof....
  15. It is a real Mach 1 turned into a Boss clone.

    It has full Mach 1 interior and a Mach 1 VIN.

    The exterior does not say fake Mach 1.

    The exterior has all the Boss trim: painted black tail light panel, painted black tail light bezels, standard grille, Boss stripes. The side stripes are reflecting the flash from the camera.
  16. The ending Story....

    I turns out to be a real Mach-1 and that some of the parts may have come from a Boss.
    My brother bought the car on Thursday..and because i got so unhappy i went and bought a 79 Mustang Ghia :rolleyes:
    Where on stangnet could i find some Pace Car parts for that Car ?

    The 70 will now get a resto mod and if you like i could keep you guys posted with some pics.
  17. Updated post with pic's :nice:
    if you weren't so far away, I would have bought the 70 off you. :D

  18. That settles that then.
  19. Here`s some pics. My brother have taken out the springs to find out what must of to get it REAL LOW. The headers and PS is going off ! The shaker hood and scoop will be changed. My brother hates that hood..

    I`ll post the project plans soon :)


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