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  1. hey Mike, do you guys ever get your perdium on time?? I am soooo sick of that F'ING DK2. He is such a pole smoker. Still in Sig. Still sucks ass. :nonono:
  2. Not too much new around here these days. Just getting ready for winter. The economy SUCKS A$$! I only sell 4 days a week in the winter at Pepsi. The 5th day has been a spare day where I could do anything, while getting an average days pay. With revenue being down due to fuel costs, production costs, and some other things, Pepsi is looking to possibly give me and several others one day off during the week unpaid to save money. Pretty scary ****, me being the least senior salesman and all. I could always work for my aunt on that day off though, so I would not really lose any money if it does happen.

    Towelie freakin rules man! I gotta get me one of those. You will have to bring that to the car shows this summer.

    Travis, I got Madden 2004, so when ever you are ready for an a$$ kicking, let me know. It plays just different enough from Madden'03 to make it easy to make mistakes. I'll still whip you. My username is TORCHREDSVT.

  3. Towelie is gonna be strapped in with the seat belt. He will be so high that I need to tie him down. Mr. Hankey might be cool too but then again I see him every day in the bowl.
  4. We'll see about that you punk ****. My S/N is Rio Red SN95 I hang out in the EAST Rooms, I'll be on tomorow night around 10 after I get home from work.

    Have u played any games online yet ? its not as easy as playing the computer my recored now is 3-5-1

  5. Hell no!!! it took 22 days the last time and 14 this time the ******es!!!
  6. i still haven't gotten mine for this month........... :nonono:
  7. I should be driving a new 4Runner on saturday. I ordered the vehicle a few weeks ago from the factory in Japan. In the mean time one appeared somewhere in the country that was destined for another dealership but they rerouted it here because they knew they had a buyer waiting for this particular model and color. I checked it out tonight while they were preping it. Sweeeeeet! I can hardly wait. Gotta take all the crap out of my Camry first, including my CD player. I plan on closing the deal saturday morning.
    On a different note did any of you see Wiscasset Ford advertising that 03 Cobra convertable in the sunday paper? It was listed for 32k. What a deal!
  8. Sweet 4 Runners are awesome :nice: will have take it off road and see what it can really do.

    Im helping one of the guys at work find a Hummer in his price range, he will prob have to fly out to TX of FL to get one but when he does I plan on going so I can drive it too. Hummers are awesome :D

    Speaking of getting new vechicles I cant wait until my car is paid off in May so I can buy a new Truck, I want to get a New Ranger 4X4 Extended cab Flareside off road package version, I'll prob buy it from wisscasset b/c they always seem to have good deals
  9. all i can say is that this is one sweet vehicle. I got the V8 which comes with a 5 speed auto. Both of which are real smooth. Its a hell of a lot more room than my Camry. The ride is real nice also even over rough streets and through construction areas. Its much smoother and nice than my wife's Liberty.
  10. when you going to take it off road to see what it can really do :D
  11. not sure. those dunlops don't look that great for off road.

    Just tried to call Chris about those T-shirts but he wasn't home. How do they look? I saw the one he had on at the Windam show.
  12. T shirts look great, I know Brian went and picked his up
  13. Cool, I can't wait to get mine and Freds(snicker).

  14. Man thats really nice of you to pick up my shirts and pay for them what a guy.

    Chris you around this weekend so I could swing by and pick mine up?
  15. I'am not sure when I will be around. I'll know later in the week when I might be working. Though I plan on taking Sunday off to go wheelin. I should be home in the late afternoon on Sunday, and possibly Saturday morning to early afternoon. I'll Let you know.
  16. When you ready for that Rematch (Snicker)

    Titans 24 NewEngland 20
  17. My wife is coming down tommorow :banana: :banana: :banana: :stick:
  18. you homo

  19. No....but while i am balls deep i'll have her call me Dan a few times :D

    Why are you ****in anyways italian chicks are not only hot but damn easy
  20. Oh yeah, I'm back in Iceland, for the week anyways.........then back to sig and Emanuela!!!!! {pm me with your email address for pics} she's only my bartender at the hotel, but DAMN, you gotta love those Sicilian women. it's good to speak italian too!!! :nice:

    sometimes being engaged sucks!!!