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  1. Hey Dman what are you doing?[​IMG]
    This day seems to be dragging on VVVEERRYYY Slowly..

    Btw who on here has that dancing Nana that does the dude love move with the knees..?

  3. here you go dude
  4. So the 5.0 Talk Posse are:


    Who else? :shrug:

    I know there's someone else but my ADD won't permit me to remember right now.:rlaugh:
  5. See there!?!?! I knew it! i was never officially inducted!
  6. I doth only readeth from the unofficial scrolls. Oh mighty Daggar, please forgiveth my ignorance for I know not the ways of DeVus1.

    *bows before the mighty daggar*

  7. We must summon the God, DeVus1. Lord Strype, sound your horn and I shall prepare the sacrificial virgin...

    (she's hawt too)

    OMG, I'm retarded.:nonono:
  8. Though hast been forgiven my child.

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  9. I'm just a man and a guy and a dude and I'm hunguryyyy.........Jonesin for a grilled steak taco...taste that can't be beat......So I walk and I run cause I can't find my horse to ride there.
  10. You have a sacrificial virgin???

    I can't believe you've been holding out on us for this long!
    Got any more in storage??? :banana:
  11. let me in the posse or the bear gets it..........

  12. Bless thee oh mighty daggar..:hail2: :rlaugh:
  13. Yeah, I have a few. heh....:nice:

  14. IM IN YOUR CLOSET!!!!!
  15. [​IMG]
    A HA There you are![​IMG][​IMG]

    MAN There's alot of evil monkey pics in here.. thought you can use some..

    I got something for ya....[​IMG]:OT: I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW:OT: :OT:
  16. Thats it,, I will create.. Evil Monkey 5.0 Talk Posse.. and we shall overthrow the 5.0 talk posse... *EVIL LAUGH* *THUNDER*
  17. :banana: Post Whoring (unintentionally) :banana: .........EVIL LAUGHTER X2.. Its okay you can ignore me :nice: :SNSign: I will go down in stangnet history as the most useless 5.0 talk posts. I like to mumble
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.