The 4.6 Track Times Thread

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  1. 98GT 5spd

    offroad xpipe, slp catback, predator tuner, AEM intake, Pro 5.0 (STOCK 2.73 gears)


    60 foot: 2.15

    1/8 ET and MPH:

    1/4 ET and MPH: 14.28 @ 97.50
  2. donny 7.55 @ 91 MPH with a 1.61 60 FT
    kenne bell 1.7
  3. so can someone edit the first page i think im 2nd i wana say lol
  4. 1996 GT

    Mods: PI swap, Comp 262's, Magnaflow Catted X and cat-back, MGW, SFC's, 4.10's

    FI, NO2 or NA: NA

    60 foot: 2.183

    1/8 ET and MPH: 8.772 @ 84.21 mph

    1/4 ET and MPH: 13.34 @ 104.38 mph

    Edit: I originally had 107 as the trap. Typo. It was only 104 :(
  5. May as well add to this.

    [email protected] NA 2v, only left at 6000rpm and still playing with fuel above 4k.

  6. just bought the car a few months ago have a cai and 391 gears with a tuner ran a 13.54 first day out
  7. Forgot to post this

    Has gone 12.0's a few times now and on track to run 11's NA

  8. New best:
    run at Atco Raceway on 11/6/11 at 14:22
    -580 feet density altitude
    car nbr 528 (see for verification)

    60': 1.567
    330': 4.775
    1/8th: 7.371 @ 96.16 MPH
    1000': 9.615
    1/4 mile: 11.493 @ 121.32 MPH

    MMR 750 forged Shortblock
    2v MMR stage 2 ported heads
    Comp 262 cams (degreed at 114 ICL)
    70mm throttle body
    BBK plenum
    stock PI intake manifold
    SLP longtube headers
    SLP catted X
    Flowmaster cat back
    Vortech V3 supercharger, NON-intercooled, 12PSI boost at 6500 rpms
    451rwhp, 407rwtq (STD corrected)
    battery relocated
    no front swaybar
    A/C deleted
    MT ET Street Radials 275/60/15 on 15 X 8 Welds on the rear
    15 X 5 Welds on the front
    4.10 gear
    completely stock rear otherwise
    5-speed transmission (stock)
    Centerforce DFX 10-inch clutch, aluminum flywheel
    Strange adjustable shocks and struts
    at track weight reduction: passenger seat, jack/spare/package tray removed

    launch at 4500rpms, shift at 6500rpms
  9. DA wasn't very good at 2100'.

    Year/Model: 1998 GT

    Mods: PI intake, PI cams, TwEECer, off road H pipe, drop in K&N

    FI, NO2 or NA: NA

    60 foot: 2.137

    1/8 ET and MPH: 9.039 @ 78.23 mph

    1/4 ET and MPH: [email protected] mph
  10. Year/Model: 1998 GT auto.

    Mods: PI motor, SVO supercharger with 3.3" pulley (8 pounds of boost), MHS Stage II NPI blower cams, AIS water/meth kit, 75 mm TB, offroad Prochamber, 40 Series Flowmaster catback. Stock 3.27 gears and auto transmission/converter.

    FI, NO2 or NA: FI

    60 foot: 1.809

    1/8 ET and MPH: 7.79 at 93.07 mph

    1/4 ET and MPH: 12.05 at 115.27 mph

    -1300 feet DA


    And to back it up:


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  11. 2001 Saleen non S/C
    Stock except an O/R exhaust.
    [email protected] 1.87 60' 3000+D/A that day.
  12. nvm. Not worth the time.
  13. I forgot on that pass it was with my Hoosier Drag radials, sorry.
  14. Just ripped off a new best:
    Mods: 4.10's, K&N drop in, hoosier DR, o/r X, Mac mufflers, FRPP C springs, tokico blue shocks.

    1.98 - 60 ft
    9.0031 - 8th @ 78.37 MPH
    13.9787 1/4 @ 98.40

    Used the drag time calculate for DA and it corrected that pass to:
    13.706 @ 100.399 MPH
  15. Corrections are fun to play with, but really don't count IMO. Correct my best pass of 14.01 and I ran a 13.67 @ 101.6 mph. Not a chance this NPI would run that kind of time with just a PI intake, H-pipe and a K&N. :lol:

    Anyway, it must feel good to run a 13.xx. Comparing my timeslips, I got a similar low 2.0 60' time, but was down a good 3-tenths at the 1/8th. Clearly, your gears are making up some nice time between the 60' and the 1/8th compared to my 3.27 geared car.
  16. I don't use it to brag, I use it to see where I'm at compared to others. Someone at a sea level track with perfect weather is going to run much faster that you. That's the numbers you see in magazines.

    Breaking 13's in a basically stock SN95 is nice, but I'd love to make the 100 MPH club.
  17. I have to work on a format that makes sense. The way the data looks changes with individual settings. I've asked for a database separate from the forum but got zero traction from the powers that be. I'll work on cleaning it up and making sure everyone gets listed.
  18. Year/Model: 99 35th Limited Edition - Automatic

    Mods: NX Plate Wet kit -100 shot

    FI, NO2 or NA: NO2

    60 foot: 2.0289

    1/8 ET and MPH: 8.3351 @ 84.91

    1/4 ET and MPH:
  19. 99 mustang turbo 16-18#


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  20. Finally ran in the 11's end of last season. Tried to go quicker that day and manged a 1.51 sixty after this pass but I'm out of fuel. Got what I wanted NA. Now finishing up motor that was to be supercharged but switching up and going with a turbo now.