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  1. yeah. hopefully buying this 89 supercoupe...supercharged 5 speed. irs fun fun. :) ill auto x it.
  2. UPDATE:

    Sorry for the lack of updates. The things I have been doing are not picture worthy. I have removed the 4 banger fuel lines, added the v8 ones. Cleaned the surface rust from underneath the rear area, used some Por15 and undercoated it to protect it from the future. I figued it may not see to much rain anymore in its life but the added protection can't hurt.

    I got the rear rims in, had them mounted and balanced. I also got a host of small misc pieces and spent the last week or two disassembling the engine, painting pieces, installing new valve cover gaskets, etc. In the next few days the new waterpump/thermostat combo will go in and i'll be bolting accessories back on.

    Tomorrow's plan was to rip the whole front end apart and start the 5 lug swap on the front UNTIL i took the caps off the rims. When i did that i discovered these little beauties -


    It was a huge letdown. I don't really know what to do. I don't want to go through all the time it will take to try and cut/grind/chisle them out and i don't know what to do. ANYONE please give me some ideas!!!!!!!!! I'll also post this over in the Tech section see if anyone has any ideas. Anywhoo on to some misc pics.






    Thats all For now. I wish I didn't have the dumb lock on the front rims i bet i would have the front all together by tomorrow night. :(

    Right now i'm on my way to the Giant game VS the Jets :nice:
  3. Lookin good man...
  4. Hey 1990, I know you are saying you will prolly leave it white and also not sure of what blue to go with. I forget untill I drive my Snake how overwhelming it is with the compliments on the car when I go anywhere. And its always the same (almost 95%) Women will say "I love that color!" and go on and on about the pearl and how it shifts colors. Guys will start with eaither "Man thoes wheels are bad ass" or "Is that a real Kewbra?" but always followed with "man that is a sharp color"
    The Sonic Blue gets way more attention then My Negaro Audi or my Porsche blue porche I had.
    Go with Sonic, the color is the best in person IMO :nice:
  5. check with a ford dealer. I had the same problem with my car so I took it to a ford dealer and asked if they might have a key for the locks on my car. Turns out they did, they took them off for free and all I had to pay for was 4 lug nuts.
  6. Haha i LOVEEEEEE sonic Blue.. I think if i were to paint it another color it would be SOnic Blue!!!! :D

    Thats a little hard for me though since the car has no engine or trans in it yet :(
  7. Need to get lowering springs for the front, also it looks like the back spacing is a little too much, hell they stick out way past the fenders :shrug:
    Sure are some big cross drilled rotors you have! Never seen ones with holes that big! :eek:

  8. For the wheel locks, tack weld a socket to it and remove with a ratchet. Has worked for me great in the past.
    The car looks great as well. Good luck

  9. :lol:

    This is what i ended up doing minus the tack weld. I beat the socket onto the lug and got it off that way. I probably should have done it so i wouldn't ruin a socket but oh well!!
  10. I'll take some pics today of the front wheels and brakes that i took off.. Also pics of the engine going back together. I also got the new Waterpump on, valve covers and some accessories. My smog pump is seized. Even after taking it apart, i can't unseize it. Looks like i'll have to purchase new.. bummer! :(
  11. Get a tool designed to remove rounded bolts... We did it with some air on a friends car and they worked perfect... tough to find but I think we got one at sears.

    By the way PERFECT wheel choice, looks badass!
  12. 13/16" 12 point socket does the trick. Thing is once i beat it on the lug, i can't get the lug out of the socket, thus its garbage!!

    Oh hey, check back a few pages, i took a pic of the e-brake for you, hopefully u can give me a heads up on where to put the spot weld :nice:

    Thanks, when i got the tires mounted, and rolled them next to the car i damn near fainted!! I love em!!! :)
  13. Im glad you love them, they are some of the sexiest wheels for these cars. Something about the boxy look they have and the boxy look of the fox body...

    I will take a look at the ebrake pic and let you know... Maybe even snap a pic of mine when I yank the seats out to sell :D.
  14. Damn I missed that page of updates... Bay looks real good. I love the clean stock look!!!

    For the welding: When I get home tonight I will call my friend who guided me through it. I know it involves pulling the handle up and welding the gear to the lever, but I forget if you cut the spring on the handle or not. Im 99% sure you have to as the disc brakes use a spring on the caliper, vs on the handle.
  15. I can't see the there a problem? I just see the 10 hole wheel pic.
  16. Your interwebz are teh suck! :p
  17. Theres no need to toss the socket.. Find a bolt that is wide enough, so it doesn't go through the lugnut, place the socket on couple pieces of wood or better on a vice and hit it the bolt with a hammer.
  18. Holy S :eek:

    Never thought about doing that. I can just stick it right back on the stud!!!!!!!

    now i gotta fish through the trash and find the two sockets i just tossed!!
  19. More from the weekend...






    I dont think i can get this fitting off.. What do you guys do to get brake fittings off of these older cars that have rusted over?

  20. The pics work now. Looking good.

    For the brake fitting, WD40 the piss out of it, and grab the head of that with Vise Grips. The brake line wrenches always round them off. Vise grips work everytime!!! Can't wait to see the engine together!!:nice:

    BTW...The front does need lowering springs...Laser is sits up really high!!!