The Official "4-Mod-Fox" progress thread

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  1. Yeah, I'm on the fence. I love the Terminator, but I'm weird about it. I only take it certain places. Put 4,500 miles on it last summer (March-November was good weather) This year I've put on 800 miles. (March-now) The new wore off, so I've been storing it. What I really mean, is I like having a Mustang I can take everywhere and not worry about it's gonna suck to get rid of this thing.
  2. sell termi to me

    for 5 dollars :)

    I bet you get more for the terminator if you sold it no?

  3. DEAL!!! Oh the Terminator would pull way more, but I don't think I could let it go. In reality it's just a car. I should take the most money I can get and be happy with the fox. It doesn't matter how fast your Mustang as long as you are happy with it.
  4. I think there is alot of guy on here that share this feeling with you as well.

    I probably put 50 miles on my black notch this year and ive but 22K on my 2002 mustang since march.

    Driving a mustang thats nice but not mint is the key, that way you really dont give a hoot when a rock flies up and nails the hood, or you can go to a movie and not wonder if anyone is fing with your car.

    my buddy just sold his 04 cobra that had 12k on it for the same reason
  5. This is very true.. One of the reasons i still have my fox - It ain't fast but i'm happy with it!

    I told you man... Read: Iron Fist, Lead Foot - you have a new outlook on your Terminator
  6. See i'd have no problems driving a Terminator everywhere :)
  7. Yeah, my car never goes to the movies, bar, restaurant, never parked in the street, nothing. Come to think of it, I don't think I'll be able to do that with the fox body either. People like to steal those and even though this one has all the 97 stuff in it and PATS is still working, some dumbass still might wanna get cute and try something.
  8. im the same way, i dont drive the car anywhere i cant look at it when i park it
  9. Also i gotta ask. Have you ever used repro trim pieces? I installed some roof line trim parts and the fit on the left side is absolute chit. And the drivers side isnt THAT bad, but no where near the stock ones, only reason i bought new ones is that trim black paint sucks balls and keeps flaking off. Have you used any that are good?
  10. I never use repop trim peices. All that stuff out there is garbage. I only install OEM used peices from the yard. Those roof line peices are always in rough shape. I sanded them with 320, then spray urethane primer on them, repeat sanding and priming until smooth then shoot them with flat black.
  11. I did the same. Still that **** comes off, and its not like im using ****ty trim paint.
  12. Hmm...I have never had any of my stuff flake off. I've used duplicolor and SEM. Both stuff is great.
  13. ive tried both and they have both flaked off
  14. Strange. You mixing enamel primer and laquer paint or vice-versa?
  15. No mixing, i started over both times and it flaked off, perfect prep and still nada, interior pieces turned out great except for one piece that is on the gauge housing
  16. Haven't had time to be on the forums.. or working on or driving my car much lately... so I'm just now seeing this thread.. absolutely fantastic job.. car is amazing!
  17. incredable!!!! i'd love to have a dash like that to go with my 05 seats
  18. I saw mod fox last weekend... In person... :nice::nice:


    The pictures do it NO justice. its simply amazing
  19. I see you went about the rear seat conversion the way I did it. How did you like it? Looks good as hell. I was just thinkin how this thing is comin along today.