The Official "4-Mod-Fox" progress thread

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  1. You are using everything from the cobra (sn95) right? including ABS? if you keep any fox stuff you have to be creative (like i had to be lol)
  2. Yeah, everything is from the Cobra. But to run Cobra brakes I'll have to buy the caliper brackets and the rotors. 50resto wants 60 each from the brackets and 50 each from the rotors. $220 to run Cobra rear brakes, or...I pull my axle shafts, change the ends and run GT brakes for FREE, because I've got everything. I think that's the way to go. Cobra rear brakes are nothing special. Slightly larger rotors that are vented. idk's not a priority to get the rear brakes hooked up yet. I'm gonna check my local parts store on how much their parts are. 50resto is high on a lot of stuff.
  3. Okay, got the rear end in. Brentech LCA's new bolts, new Monroe shocks, stock UCA's and bolts from a 2003 car with 30K miles, and springs from the same 30K car (I'll cut them later). 3.73 gears. I ended up bombing the housing with black caliper paint. I also power washed the entire under carraige and it came out damn clean!!:nice: No pics of that, but this is what the car looked like before the powerwash. I also bought new Cobra rear rotors and rear caliper brackets. Gonna use GT calipers, since they are the same (50resto says different, but they are wrong).


    I ditched the quads after this pic...ain't using those.


    I know I said I wasn't gonna waste time painting the underside...I lied. I think I'm going to. Just gonna paint over the fuel lines and everything, so nothing will rust and everything will be fresh.

    I had to send the car out for something I discovered, which sucks, but I've seen this guy fix what I needed fixed and he does a frickin awesome job! I'll post pics of before and after when I get the car back.
  4. coming along nicely man
  5. When I get the car back, it's showtime! I'm gettin goin!! :D
  6. Looking good Matt! I can't wait to follow this badass ride all the way to the end! Are you gonna work your paint and body magic on the car once it's done, or is the paint on there now nice enough to just buff out?
  7. Thanks bro. The paint on the car is nice. Someone did a really nice job, they could have wetsanded and rubbed it better, but the car isn't my kinda color anyways. I'm going with a Torch Red from like a 2004 Cobra, or I'll go black. We'll see how much money is left over after building the car. The big things are paid for (body and drivetrain) but I know there is another $1,000 + or more hiding somwhere in the car. Red will be pricey while black is 150 per gallon. The yellow paint for my 95 GT was 136 per quart...:eek:

    I know I sound cheap, but I already built a car and spent whatever it took to get the parts I wanted/needed. I'm trying to save about $1,500-$2,000 or more building this one. I will still build just as nice of a car as Hack Job but with a better motor, and for less money. About $300 dollars went towards replacing parts on the front of the motor for Hack Job. The donor car for this current build wasn't hit in the front, so I don't need anything for it.
  8. i wish i had your skills/ good looks ;)

    you dont even want to know what the paint cost for my t top it was crazy probably would have painted it a diff color if i would have known that. Keep up the good work.

    Maybe for the next one you try a miata conversion ?
  9. Matt, what did you need to send the car out for? PM me if you want it kept :ninja:
  10. :eek: NINJA'S
  11. **** ive been found! :hide:
  12. Thanks...I'm not that good looking. :D

    Paint can get crazy. I love the Jetstream Blue Metallic on the new Corvette Z06. I called my paint shop and it was something crazy. Gotta buy a special sealer, and the paint is only available in 1/2 pints at a time. So, I'll prolly need about 1 gallon + 1 quart for all the cutting in, engine bay, then the body. He mentioned that color being 600 per half pint. :rlaugh: Yeah right!!!
  13. :( i paid like 1800 for the paint ont he t top
  14. I believe it. I wanna go with 18" Shelby Razor wheels for this build, but the wheels and tires were 1400-1500, depending if I went with Nitto or Sumitomo. I can't comprehend spending that much just for tires and wheels. I spent 700 for new, chrome Bullits from Hack Job, and put on used tires I had around the shop in good shape. That's why I might stay with 17's. RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR:mad:

  15. yeah when your building the car bullets looks good for 300 bucks on CL
  16. ooooo....I can't go used. I'm in the used car business, but used Mustang wheels are always curb rashed. After going through the whole car, painting ect...used wheels never look right.
  17. Buy my used wheels...

    :D kidding.

    Keep up with the photos and progress.
  18. buddy has a nice nice set of 99 GT 35th anni wheels. They are in great shape, no curb rash. I am not a fan of the all silver GT wheels, but the 35th anni's with the clearcoat machine finish and charcoal inserts looks good. I just wish they were 9" in the rear.

    Still not crazy on that style, but the finish helps....still kicking it around......*jeapordy songs starts playin.*
  19. ttt.....

    Got a call today that the car is done. I'm getting it flat-bedded here tomorrow. I'll get some pics up here with what I had done on it. Then, it's time to get movin on the rest of what I gotta do.
  20. i think i missed the post on why you had to have it sent out? where's it coming back from?