The Official Fox Body Production Number Thread

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  1. Oh, its cool! I feel the same way you do about MM&FF, it seems like something they really half assed!
  2. Has ANYBODY figured out how many cars had the T-Top option for each year? This seems to be a topic NOBODY has been able to find out. Don't know why it's such a secret.
  3. No, not yet. Right now the only breakdowns are paint code, interior color and trim code (GT, LX, 5.0, coupe, vert, and hatchback for 87-93 and coupe, hatchback, vert for 79-83-86) The 82-86 GT's weren't indicated by vin code from the regular LX, GLX 5.0's like on the 87-93's so all 5.0's are lumped together right now except for what information was posted in this thread. All of the information on the buck tag and vehicle certification (VC) label was recorded as the cars were produced. So I'm positive there's a way to get it. One gentleman I know of is supposedly digging through the 3rd generation databases to breakdown those numbers. The legalities are slowing that release of information.

    To put it mildly. Ford doesn't care about what it has produced. It only cares about what it needs to produce to stay alive. It just makes face with the public in a few instances to act like they are "into the hobby". Their major concern is the bottom line at the end of each quarter.
  4. Hmmm, I wonder if that makes mine any more rare; an AOD at that. I've have the car in my sig with the same interior for 14 years. Build date is an astounding 08/90 for a '91 model. It was a program car from south Florida that had a chain dropped on the roof at delivery. Picked it up in July of '91 with 7,900 miles as a graduation gift from Marine boot camp and subsequent college entrance. It was repainted at around 13,000 miles for free and the body shop did a marvelous job. Best aftermarket paint job I've EVER seen. Knucklehead backed into the rear-pass. quarter panel in '98, and the fix was atrocious. Currently needs new paint, but runs hard with the mods in the sig. All original parts stored and may be replaced at a later date. New mods for summer include gears, new tires, MM rear control arms and 24 lb injectors with Cobra ECM. Lentech tranny has to once again be put on the backburner due to cost.
  5. 1 of 669 black LX 5.0 conv in 90.
  6. 1992 LX Vert . Wild Strawberry . 1 of 327 . ( P44E )
  7. I havn't seen another black on black 5.0 5sp LX hatch around... let alone the same year as my 91...especially with under 50k miles.... :)
  8. hey ive got a 91 lx hatch, black on black :)
  9. 1 of 628 93 ssp
  10. Well darn, I thought I was special.

    Its good to know that others have as good as taste as I do. :)
  11. I have 1 of 379 1988 SSP cars. Buck tags and all!
  12. 1992 Medium Red GT Hatchback Here!

    1 of 167 made that year.
  13. You guys have some nice rides post some pics.

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  14. Hi, I am new to the third generation Stangs as I have had a 69 coupe for 20 years and hubby is buying a 90 LX convertible from a private seller. It only has 47,000 original miles and never driven in the winter. It is red with a white top and white and red interior-leather.

    I was looking at my "Ultimate Mustang" reference book under 1990 production figures and exterior colors for that year. The colors listed in this book and the colors listed on the first post of this tread are different. I don't know the exact red Ford color yet as I don't have any numbers from the door or VIN yet. But the Ultimate Mustang book lists Bright Red as a color for 1990 and it is not mentioned on the list here, as I thought that would be the color of our new Mustang. I noticed there are several discrepencies in colors with this book and the list posted in this here thread.

    For instance, the book doesn't list Medium Red as a color at all. It lists Cabernet Red NOT Medium Cabernet. There is no Vermillion listed in the book for 1990. And Deep Emerald Green is listed in the book NOT Deep Emerald Jewel Green as on the list.

    Which is more accurate I wonder? :shrug:

  15. OK, I found out on the warranty card that's still with the LX that the exterior color code is EP which equals "Bright Red." Bright Red is not a color option on that list on page 1 for a 1990 fox body. I notice several discrepencies in colors for other years also. :shrug:

  16. Vicki,

    I have the same concern as you. The list that was published is not as accurate as was made out by the publication. There are many discrepancies. The great thing about this thread is that it can be discussed and hashed out to find the answers. I've seen discrepancies in the sales brochures on paint colors.

  17. ok well we just bought an 89 LX that has the vin 41e8kf so that means it WAS Light Grey and only 525 made, however unfortanely it was painted black..guess i will get it painted grey
  18. The VIN does not decode for a color, or did you mean that you had the VIN records checked and found that? :shrug:
  19. ok i am hella-confused now, i read the first post wrong, for some reason I thought the VIN did have a color code, my mistake.