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  1. Does the aftermarket steel hood offer any extra clrearance, or is the bracing in the same spot the stock one is? Looks good, but a little function would be nice too?
  2. I'm pretty sure the bracing is in the factory location. But, I don't know what brand of cowl it is. A Cervini's (if mine isn't a Cervini's) or something may have a different bracing set up :shrug:
  3. Does anybody know much about the KAM function in our cars computers?
    Back when I had some running issues with my car, I'd always scan it and get all EGR related codes (I don't care about those) code 96 (I think I can fix this by doing the wire from the fuel pump relay to the comp?) and then a code 15. It said something about the KAM. I went into the trouble shooter in the scanner and it said that this code is often caused by taking off the battery cables or cleaning the terminals. Well I had a weak battery and it would always go dead, so I didn't think much of it.

    Fast forward to now and I still get code 15. Yesterday I scanned it and got the usual codes, and I thought maybe 15 was caused by me having the battery cables unplugged while doing the 3G conversion. So I cleared the codes out and scanned it immediately after. Got code 15 again. Is there any way to test that the KAM function actually is working? I thought I read somewhere that you could see if pin 1 for the computer is getting power to it or something like that. I'd honestly much rather have a little bit of wiring to do than to replace my computer -_-
  4. PM'd Jrichker about the code 15 and got some good info from him. I unhooked the computer plug in and tested to see if pin one had power going to it. Sure enough it does. So I have a faulty computer. I wonder if I will ever catch a break with this thing.
  5. That thing is looking great!
  6. Painted all my window trim, mirrors, and TRIED to fix my quarter windows. They're too far gone to fix. Nothing major to report back with really
  7. Ya I'm not about fixing quarter windows on a keeper. They are meant to be flexible rubber and all the filler, primer, paint, is just gonna cause a problem later. I'm gonna install new. One of the things that just make a clean car if you have ever seen new ones installed, they just make it so clean.
  8. New ones are sooo expensive. But that's what we have to do to get the look we want.
  9. Ordered my wheels and tires. Also new quarter glasses.
    And I've been looking at my car a lot over the passed few days, and I'm disappointed. There's so much trash in the paint. My dad's drag car was painted inside of our shop and doesn't have hardly ANY trash in the paint. But my car was supposed to have been painted in a booth (which I'm calling BS on) and there's sh*t in the paint all over the car! And I can see runs in it from where I sprayed the sealer, so obviously they didn't wet sand that out. I'm gonna call them up and make someone come up to look at the car. They're going to make it right. I didn't pay $1400 for my car to look like ass.
  10. My car is a solid 5 foot car. Any closer and you can see all the trash in the clear. I'm guessing they didn't wet sand the clear because I would assume all that sh*t would have sanded out.
  11. Ya that stinks. I would hope they will make it right. With all the paint problems you had with the primer, and then getting someone to do the thing at all, I would imagine it is difficult to deal with. I get frustrated as well especially with other peoples work that I pay for.
  12. That sucks. $1400 definitely should have bought you a session in a clean, sealed booth.
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  13. Even more sh* t going wrong with this damn thing. Got my wheels Friday. Keep in mind I ordered 5 Lug Saleen wheels. LOOK at what I got.

    I'm about ready to torch the car
  14. Yikes wtf! That sucks! I'm about to torch mine as well lol.
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  15. Phone call time.
  16. Yeah they're shipping out the correct ones and I'm supposed to be getting call tag info sent to my email. Haven't received it yet so I'm going to call again Monday and make sure I get the info
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  18. where did ya get the fan from and how do ya like it???
  19. Don't get it.