Twin Turbo Build Progress -pics-

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  1. Those are some pretty sweet turbos you might say...ROUND!
  2. so okay this is a turbo, damn that is a pretty sweet turbo you might stay.

  3. fcking kangaroos!
  4. sweet project. i'm a little confused about the piping tho.

    i understand about getting the air from the side scoops, that is really cool! the cdc scoops would be perfect for that!

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    are the turbos going where the mufflers are now? are you putting in smaller mufflers then?

    how are you routing the cold side to the intercooler?

    i'm worried that the length of pipe from the turbos to the throttle body will result in noticeable lag. then again, with a .42 a/r, they should spool up pretty early.

    i will definately be watching this thread. i had a turbo project in the works, but i had to abort it a month ago because we bought a house. i would love to plan another one for a few years down the line after i get my feet under me again.

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  5. What did you end up doing with that kit?
  6. i sold it to a friend of jr's
  7. i am also a member of that site. the worry i have is with the amount of piping between the compressor and the intake. the more volume there is in that pipe, the more air it takes to build pressure. volume comes from either diameter or length.

    i also believe he has considered it.

  8. actually im gonna try and not use any mufflers, the turbos are gonna be there. and if i cant pass inspection, ill throw some small ones under the rear bumper.

    Ill be using 2-1/4 piping from each for a couple of feet, then into a single 2-1/2 pipe up the driver side, through a fmic, then to the trying to locate flanges now, or make em...then ill post pics of the progress!
  9. WICKED man love it. I thought about doing the exhuast mounted turbo route as well, but didnt see anyone or no one had done it to their stangs. I remember reading an article of one done on a Fbody and they mounted the turbos more towards the rear of the car.

    Either way awesome idea, if it turns out I hate to say this but I think ill be one of the first to copy you. I like keeping the engine bay looking clean, rear mounted turbos are such a cool idea I just didnt know anyone first hand that have done them.

    Going to follow this thread for sure!
  10. Seats look great man.. i like them alot..

    Looking forward to another update to this thread!
  11. yea man when i get some money im definiately gettin some of those seats and black carpet.......u got any shots of teh seats looking back so u can see teh tan back seats also....just wondering if i should consider gettin a black leather back seat to match teh jegs fronts......
  12. Yeas those are Crysler T3's, that explains the oddball 4th bolt hole. Have you tried grinding out the 4th bolt hole ( oblonging it)? If that doesnt work, your going to have to get someone to machine you 2 flanges. Take the turbine housing, and a piece of paper.. Trace out the bolt pattern and inlet, into a piece of thin cardboard and take it to a machine shop.

    Those turbos should work well though.
  13. Very Nice!! working on my twin set up too. Love the way your hiding everything, I'm hiding everything up front by flipping my header to face forward and mounting the turbos in front of the front tires. I will need a coil over cause I have to run my turbo exhaust through my A-Arms.
    I picked up 2 T4/T3 hybrids from Ebay and still piecing all my parts together.

    You know our engines will only hold about 450hp before Our blocks grenade? But hey some have got away with 550hp on a constant basis.. Go luck and keep us posted
  14. Oh yea I'm also using my Cold Air Induction plumbing so when you look under the hood, you will only see that...

    But I kinda think The turbo wine and the dual horn BOV will give it away...LOL
  15. B&G over at turbomustangs should also be able to make those flanges. They have a CNC machine now.
  16. Water cooled? Does that mean you need to provide a radiator feed to the turbos?
  17. It has fittings for water cooling, but i wont be using them. just oil.