V6 upgrades?

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  1. Yeah, I've got a lot of pics on my site.. Almost 4000 pics & vids so far!
    The website is down right now while the server it's on is moving. should be up tomorrow I hope. :)

    I'm from Louisiana. ;) Ouachita Parish to be exact. lol
  2. no, they dont make a 40th aniversary bezel to my knowledge, but the 35th aniversary would fit the 40th... i dont think they did anything special to the dash for 40th...
    My brothers old car had the 35th aniversary gauge, and his new one has white face gauges, but i have both =D
    you can find the 35th aniversary bezel alot of places, or on ebay for ~23 bux
    doesnt your 35th aniversary mustang already have that bezel?
  3. I found a couple of bezels while looking around today. May try to find a polished one to put in there. Her 04 has black guages & a black bezel. But it does have 40th anniv badges on the fenders. :)

    I don't have a 35th anniv mustang.
  4. the pics are no longer working for me, but i saw the bades and though '35th' i also didnt know the 40th had special badges, because i = stupid...
    but yeah the gauge bezel looks sweet with the white gauges, i went with the MAC white face gauges, because the reverse glow and euro ones i found didnt require the removal of the pin, because the hole is HUGE and actually fits over the needles... so i went with the classic, the 'needle removal tool' that is included is much less of a tool the two 1/2 inch x 2 inch black piece of aluminum bent at a 130 degree angle with a semi circle cut in one end of each...
    I also have some more blingage for all you
    Bliiiiiiiiiiiiing :banana:
    Its a brushed aluminum switchboard for your 1994-1998 ashtray... my ashtray was missing so it was actually usefull!
    I need a new cigarette lighter, for aesthetic purposes only i assure you, with a brushed aluminum head...
    The one switch i have in there is for my driving lights, (the switchboard had to be filed down a tiny bit so the switch(the one that came with the kit) would fit because i blew 2 other switches that fit... and this one lights up!)
    By the way i tend to ramble on a bit... :OT:
  5. Yeah, the server that my site is on is moving to a different location. The site should be back up tomorrow.
    The badges say 40th anniversary.

    Now, you just said you went with the MAC guages because the euro ones didn't require removal of the needles?

    I put some reverse glow guages on a friends focus that had large holes for the needles to go thru, and liked them a lot! I don't wanna have to remove the needles.

    Her 04 doesn't have an ashtray OR even a lighter! It has 2 power points.
    I like that a lot! she can't smoke in it!

    I'm thinking of buying some used GT foglights with brackets i found on the internet & putting them on her car. I'll have to find a stock foglight switch to use since she has 3 spots under the radio for buttons.
  6. sorry to be a moron......but what/where does a subframe do/go?
  7. your motor & suspention mounts to your cars "frames" and these frames mount to the front of the pasenger section of the mustang. the passenger section on the mustang is structurally very weak, and has the rigidity of a limp noodle.
    Your subframes conect the front half frame with the back half, they go on the bottom of the car and are usually welded in for best results.
    The bullit special edition cars had a set from the factory and those cars are still very stiff. they resale very well once u show off that fact to the customer.
    Thats one thing u should know about mustangs, there interiors tend to "squeek" and flex alot. This is because the frames do not run the full length of the car, so over time and as the car is driven over ruffer roads, the middle section of the mustang tends to fall apart.
    As for me subframes are the start of what i would have done, there are streetable rollcages (they allow u to get in and out easy) that help hold the rest of the car together. some also conect to the strut tower braces to tye it all together.
  8. Well, the whole are large enough to fit over the needle and center, meaning that it is slightlylarger than the center itself, giving an odd apearence IMO. Not to mention some of the gauges look, =X ricey.
    Coolest gauges ever are those Digital Gauges, my friend is looking at an 87' firebird that has had those installed... the cost roughly 300 bux in a stang...
  9. I put a guage overlay on a friends focus.. They had the holes that were large enough to go over the needles. They looked pretty good.

    First of all, whoever said exhaust with X pipe. a crossover pipe of any kind is not necessary, and will do NOTHING on a v6 mustang. we have an even firing motor, and it just doesn't do anything, check it out.

    also, a diablo chip won't do anything noticeable on these cars. you can SLIGHTLY change the shift points on an automatic but that's it. so don't worry about your warranty, worry about wasting your money.


    electroluminescent guages??? ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING???

  11. If euro tail lights & electroluminescent guages are good enough for SVT to put on Lightnings, then they are good enough to go on my girlfriends mustang.

    :nice: :banana: :D
  12. If Ford chooses to rice out thier performance vehicles, well then that's just stupidity. But it doesn't mean that everything in the entire Ford family needs to be riced.

    Euro's suck! If they looked good, it'd be a different story, but they don't.
  13. :lol:

    You are entitled to your opinion... No matter how wrong it is. hahaha! :D
  14. An opinion can't be wrong...

    As for Diablo chip not working on a V6 I'm no expert so don't look at me. All I had to go on is the dyno results from Tiny Advenger and MM&FF did on a 02' V6. I really try to go by test results on my imfo and hope that these test are as true as can be and not Byist in anyway. I'm sure there is a better chip than the Diablo but my post was simply ment to say a chip is a good idea. The following imfo is from: MM&FF's June issue pg 204.

    "The first bolt on component to be tested was the Diablosport chip from PDQ, it altered the fuel and timming tables to improve the performance of the stock V6."

    The Diablo chip results: " The Diablo chip from PDK improved the power out put from 162 to 170 hp , with a 9lb-ft gain in torque." They did notice a hair of detonation and switched to 91 oct fuel.

    Now as fair as whether the "X" pipe works on a V6 or not I haven't really seen and results from it and was pretty much a guess that is would work the same as it does on V8s. Once I find some kind of testing on it I will post it.
  15. Thats your opinion! LOL

    But seriously, My girlfriend and I aren't going to put a chip or programmer on the car. She wants to continue to use 87 octane.

    All we are really looking for right now are subframes, strut brace, and appearance mods.
    I spent almost 2 hours at the dealership today getting a second key (they gave us a key to a different mustang as our spare! lol), having them replace/program the RF keypad, and trying to get rear floormats.
    I thought rear floormats would have come with the car, but they don't.
    The window sticker states "Front floor mats". :(
    They don't sell just the rear mats either! [email protected]#% Anyone got a source for rear floormats?

  16. You remind me of my self...

    As for the subframes how can that be cosmetic? Are you going to jack it up on the drag for people to see because if your not adding power to need them I really can't see what your doing, except adding weight?

    More of Ray's B.S opinion :rolleyes:
  17. Well, I did say that we were looking for subframes, strut brace, and appearance mods.

    I didn't say the bars & brace were cosmetic mods. Well, hopefully I can find a chrome or polished strut tower bar so it will look nice under the hood.

    Maybe I'm just too used to the suspension on my Lightning, but her car handles like crud. :( I mean, going down the highway & turn the wheel from side to side & the car feels like a fish. lol

    I want to firm up the handling of it some, without going all out & replacing the shocks/springs/etc..
    Maybe when the car is out of warranty, I'll do that stuff.

    Don't take my jokes too seriously, I get all hopped up on mountain dew & there's no telling what I'll type. LOL
  18. hey, another thing.. The window sticker, underhood sticker, and oasis report say that this car has a 3.9L motor in it. Did they just start putting the 3.9L in the 04's? I see that most V6's are 3.8L :shrug:

  19. Yup its a 3.9L. As for the jokes crap dude like I said reminds me of me, except I'm a Dr Pepper man my self :D

    Now for the subs I can maybe see how they could help on tighting the car up on handling. I wonder if a set of C/C Plates and a good alignment would also help in the car's handleing?

    I'm just the type that wants to put every penny under the hood in terms of Hp. I seem to be very strongly opinionated about it to a point of being annoying as crap about it :bang:
  20. I don't know much about making a car handle better.. I've been modding my Lightning for 4 years now, but it was already a good platform to start on..

    looks like my website is back up! woot!