Well,...that Wasn't Fun.

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  1. It hasn't really rained as bad as TWC makes it out..(it's supposed to) I'm driving the Ranger today,..I have the Cobra tied to the dock just in case though.

  2. Told ya so.

    My lightning makes somewhere in the neighborhood of 400/550 + or - at the wheels based on other guys with similar mods. I love it.
    The boost is addicting. It still has not became ordinary to me.

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  3. Woo hoo, the engine didnt drop out from under the car going down the highway! There is nothing in the air up here, I simply learned that I love being a sarcastic wise ass toward you, because you respond with great whit! This boost you speak of has me itching my crotch and thinking, is this my herpes flaring up or am I getting an itch for a Roushcharger? I really need to stop getting on here too, because I have already spent over $5K on my car that I convinced my wife to let me have because "it would be new, and need nothing..."

  4. Hmmmm,.......I just reread my post. Nowhere did I describe the sensation relating to boost so as to confuse it w/ an itch in the crotch or herpes,.......I believe you should see a doctor, ( I think there is an ointment or something) :oops: ...then have your clothes burned.

    What an irony! The "it will not need anything" rationale is exact same argument I used to justify the Cobra to the wife.
    But that was a thousand dollars ago and two car payments later.;)

    I do like it,.. and I don't know what it actually makes,....but from what I'm seeing it's pretty typical to be in the 400whp range stock. Now I know 400 whp is certainly nothing for anybody here to get excited about, since a 347 can make that pretty easily N/A,....... It's just how the different power curves come at you I guess. It never stops,....it just keeps coming till you lift.

    In retrospect,...a pretty amazing combination from the factory,.....made even better by the fact that it didn't cost me 30k to be able to experience it.

    Even if the paint don't match.:banana:

  5. Around 3000rpm the mod motors really wake up and the SC just keeps pumping until you let off. Its a thrill. I like the almost instant boost the SC makes. I have a 6# lower pulley and stock upper pulley. It made 14 psi consistently until i removed the cats. Now with less restriction i see 12-13 psi.
    If you do not have a wideband air fuel set up i highly recommend getting one. I have an AEM. I found that I was running lean up top. I changed the plugs to the TR6 with .032 gap and that fixed it. I called Brenspeed and talked to them because they wrote the tune for my SCT TUNER that came with my truck.
    Turned out the previous owner didn't listen when they told him to use the tr6 plug with the new tune he had stock replacement plugs causing it to be lean.
    You want 11-11.5 afr with the blower to be safe. Lean is mean but dangerous under boost.

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  6. I'm not a good judge of blower whine... I can't hear it. Can't hear smoke alarms either. High frequency hearing is totally shot. The 13s are getting complaints because the blower can't be heard with the stock air tube. Supposedly it's quieter than previous GT500s. I understand it's much quieter than the Termis also.

    But I can understand what you mean by the feeling, and how the power keeps coming. This is my first forced induction car. Heck it's my first car with more than 320 horses. But it creates permanent grins, and gets to "go-to-jail" speeds in second gear. I never got to drive a Termi, let alone own one, but have to believe it's very much the same feeling. Gotta say that I'm addicted. :cheers:
  7. Stop it. You guys are making me want a tvs for my GT.
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  8. I hear ya on the WB. I had one in the red car for awhile (I pulled it when I changed the gauges over to those white faced autometers).
    I put stock plugs back in,..I was gonna put in TR-6's but decided that it was all stock,...so why not replace them w/ stock plugs. I honestly have no frame of reference for how much boost it makes though,...it quickly pegs the stock 10lb ga.
  9. You should! We're going to need a new progress thread to follow, now that Mike is done with his car.:jester:
  10. I traded my buddy his H&K USP Compact .45 ($1K gun) in which I bought him a Johnny Lightning Ram Air kit and installed it on his 2001 Lightning (took a long time). The blower whine is great on the truck because the engine is right under the dash so it's about in your face. He sold it later with 5,100 miles on it 2 years later. I put more miles on it then he did.

    When I had the Vortech V1 on my car I just loved the whistle but there is nothing like the torque and sound of the whipples.
  11. No wai, I want to keep may warranty. I have enough hot rods for right now. Course once the warranty runs out...

  12. Did you guys see that? He put the word "done" in italics so as to indicate sarcasm.

    It's like a bold face, triple dog dare to NOT be done w/ the car. Like he thinks now that I've got it running,....now that I've actually been able to step on it a little bit and sample what it feels like to have a supercharged engine,.....that I won't be happy with it for very long.
    Or now that I've painted a few parts, I won't really be happy w/ the paint job until I've repainted the whole car.

    Huh.................................. shows what he knows .:cool:
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  13. Yeah right? COUGH http://www.ebay.com/itm/Whipple-03-...Upgrade-Kit-28-29psi-WK-200120P-/370607326373
  14. I'm here to tell ALL Y'ALL. (and you can mark my words)

    I will never, ever, ever spend 6k for a supercharger upgrade on this car.

    After you see how fast the Eaton has to spin after installing a smaller blower pulley,..or a bigger crank pulley,....even modifying the stock Eaton seems harsh to me. I know it's done all the time,.... But I think I'm good for now.

    I'd be more inclined to free up and unrestrict if I do anything. I'd put a nice set of LT's on it,...and port the blower (gives me a reason to paint it the same copper color as my COP covers sometime in the future). Add the cats back into the exhaust,....and upgrade the stereo head unit to allow for an ipod input, and a Sirius receiver. Get rid of the expansion tanks and convert the heat extractor over to a small radiator w/ a fan so I can eliminate that exp tank as well. Fix the seat bolster,..and then,........maybe then.........I'll paint it.

    That IF I do anything else of course:rolleyes:
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  15. My old Cobra sounded the best with LT's, an X pipe (no cats), and I think it was magnaflows?

  16. hey; it's pre-Fiat. Also, I'm not even sure how or why that's my avatar in the first place. I don't remember setting it at all.
  17. hey mike , by any chance do you no what size the bolts are from your t56 to the bell housing ? friend just picked one up for his fox and is trying to figure it out

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  18. No dude, sorry. 15mm socket if I remember correctly. Don't know anything else about it though.

  19. Sound clip or it didn't happen. :jester:

    Yes... I've returned to continue my efforts to screw up your threads Mike. :D

    Please continue.