What did you pay for your '05 Mustang?

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  1. Ford's website mentions a military appreciation discount but doesn't state how much it is or which vehicles it applies to. In the past it was $750. I will call Ford next week (my dealer doesn't know, as usual) to find out but does anyone know for sure? Thanks.
  2. Last I heard, the military rebate is not offered on the 05' mustang. I did get a $1000 rebate with my order, but from what I understand Ford cancelled the Rebat offer just prior to the release date back in Sept.
  3. im seriously going to look into ordering one then. Ive got to sell my old stang, but hey this ones worth it. Being a college student im going to try to keep the cost down and get a barebones Windveil Blue Gt , w/Standard transmission (of course). The discount should keep the price under 24k, and i should be able to sell my old car w/in the 10-12 weeks they are telling me it will take for the car to arrive. The wait is the only bummer but it will give me enough time to sell my old car :)
  4. I hear ya Joe Trev. I've had my '89 notch for over 11 years. I came close to getting an '03 or '04 Cobra but I feel it's time to move on. The '05 just looks and sounds so damn good. However, I'm not willing to pay even close to MSRP. I have no problem waiting just a few months for a better price. Part of enjoying my new Stang is knowing I got a good deal. I will miss the supercharger on my current car. I just hope the '05 feels stronger. That's the only way I'll get over that supercharger feeling at least until they start hitting the market for the '05. I heard Procharger already has one in the making.
  5. Its only a good deal if you make it back to enjoy it! Stay safe!
  6. I think you're wrong. The '04 was exactly the same car as the '03 and virtually the same back to '99, so its time was up. Ford's intent with this car was to produce a vehicle that they could sell at MSRP. I will be utterly amazed to see rebates on the '05 models, even at the end of the model year. This car has generated a lot of buzz over the last two years, and I honestly doubt Ford will be able to produce enough to keep up with demand.

    I also believe that they are asking a fair price at MSRP. When was the last time an all new model of any manufacturer was sold at nearly the same price as the car it replaced? I think we might need to get out of the "rebate frame of mind".
  7. I ordered mine for $500 over invoice with everything but auto.
  8. I built mine through Edmunds.com and sent it out to several dealers. One of those being Power Ford in Tustin

    I wanted and black on black GT premium, 5spd manual, with the interior upgrade, and spolier delete.

    They wanted 32,800 for it. I told them they were out of their damn mind. Their excuse is "It's a high demand car" i told them I refuse to pay over sticker for a car that is being mass produced and I will just wait 6 months or so

    Another dealer is charging 2K over MSRP.

    Greedy dealers

  9. You're right. Just wishful thinking I guess. The dealer I bought my Expedition from last year says they always "put the customer first". We'll see when I make them an offer well below MSRP. I wonder if it will be all about them making money instead of the customer being satisfied. Don't get me wrong, I understand the dealer is entitled to a FAIR profit. Maybe 3-5% over what they paid for it. But 3-5% over MSRP and in some cases more than that is just plain ridiculous. I'm not looking forward to that "handshake and smile" greeting the salesman always give you. It's so damn fake.
  10. MSRP is probably fair...especially early on. I wouldn't pay any addendum, its a total waste of money for a car that will be produced in the 100s of thousands. The dealers count on those individuals who just absolutely must be the first on the block to have the new Pony... they deserve what they get. The rest of us just need to be patient for 90 days, I'd guess..... and we'll get a much better selection.
  11. How much are monthly payments going to be....you may be buying it for 25K but the intrest (sp) is what you have to watch.
  12. should be less than 4% with good credit. I would check the credit unions, the interest rates ford released dont seem that competitive.
  13. Well I finally test drove a GT (auto) today and I was impressed with everything except for the engine power. I haven't dynoed my '89 but I'm guessing it makes around 280-290 with the SC. After punching the throttle several times it just didn't have the get-up-and-go I expected. It certainly didn't feel like 300HP. Someone metioned on another thread that the new body and suspension made the vehicle more solid and even though it didn't FEEL stronger it actually is. However, the best judge of power for me is how far and quickly my ass is planted in the driver's seat during wide open throttle. My '89 definately felt stronger. Is this just an illusion?
  14. i got mine last night it i paid sticker 27,272 and did not care every where i go i have people going crazy it took me 20 min to leave walmart
  15. [QUOTE="car"azy]i got mine last night it i paid sticker 27,272 and did not care every where i go i have people going crazy it took me 20 min to leave walmart[/QUOTE]

    Good to hear you are enjoying your purchase! As long as YOU'RE happy with the deal, then it was a good one. For me however, 3-5% above invoice is tops. Especially after my test drive today, I'm in no hurry to buy an '05. I'll be test driving an '04 Cobra on Friday.
  16. No disrespect intended, but I wonder if you drove the same car I'm driving. Granted, I've got a 5 speed, so I can't vouch for the auto, but I think there is a fair amount of power you left in reserve when you drove that car.

    I paid sticker, 26,525, and I'd do it again tomorrow. And the next day. But probably not in six months or so...
  17. gears are a must my 98 cobra felt this way but around 3000 it realy pulls , i feel there is a lot more over the 6000 rev lim. and the traction control will not stop you from barking second ha ha

  18. I've always heard the autos suck up a lot of HP but this tranny was supposed to be better than ever. It just didn't have the throttle response of my '89. Do the '05's have traction control? Could that have been a factor? Throttle by wire? They didn't have any 5 speeds out of the three that were on the lot. The one I drove was actually sold but the salesman let me take it for a spin (a short one). I'll admit I didn't go wide open throttle, out of respect for the owner, but I hit it just I like I would drive my '89 between stoplights and it just didn't feel the same at all. Could the power have there but I just wasn't feeling it because of the improved chassis and suspension. I'm now more anxious than ever to drive a 5-speed '05 just to see if the auto test drive was a fluke.
  19. There is traction control, which can be turned off with the push of a button. I haven't done so yet. Once you get up to 4000-4500 rpm, you're moving. I love the 5 speed, and highly recommend it to all except those who drive in bumper to bumper traffic for a long time.

    There's a lively debate about the power going on right now in a different thread. This one's about money, and I say the car's worth it.
  20. Howdy all! First time poster here, and first time Mustang owner.

    2005 Mustang GT Deluxe - Redfire
    -5-Speed Manual
    -Anti-lock Brakes/Traction Control
    -Side Air Bags
    -Interior Color Accent Package
    -Interior Upgrade Package
    -Leather Seating
    -Anti-Theft System
    -17" Bright Machined Cast Aluminum Wheels
    -Shaker 1000 Audio System

    Out the door Price: $27,648.66 (Ford X-Plan)