What did you pay for your '05 Mustang?

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  1. just enough

    We got the black GT premium, with the interior upgrade and security package and not sure what else, because we have not received the car yet, but we paid 29,400, which was 1500.00 over sticker, then added the 70,000 mile warranty so we walked out paying 33,111. Not bad. As far as w know, the car is still at the port. I wish we could just go get it, since it is OURS......can't wait to see one of these in person, and drive it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :shrug:
  2. just curious, why would you pay over sticker...ever?

  3. Amen.
  4. Because the next guy would have....they actually did...the other 2 the dealer got are also sold.
  5. Ordered mine today...

    Performance White 05 GT Premium, Interior Upgrade, Dark Charcoal leather, Alarm System, Standard Wheels, locking lugs, color accent (red seats, etc), Standard Shaker 500, Manual Trans: $ 25341 X-Plan. They are telling me "maybe" by December 15; if not- January after shutdown.

  6. Welcome! Congrats on your new Mustang. You got a hell of a deal. A friend of mine's father is a GM at a Ford dealership. I'll see if I can get a pin code. If not, I'll have to hold out for a few months 'til the prices drop.
  7. I ordered mine today.

    GT Premium in Mineral Gray with Charcoal interior with interior upgrade package.

    MSRP was 26780
    I paid 25555.46

    or $1224.54 under MSRP

    Call around and I'm sure you can find somone willing to work with you on pricing.

  8. Just about what I was looking for. I'm interested in a GT Deluxe, mineral gray, IUP, and a Shaker 1000. How did you score that deal? Hard negotiating or just luck? Thanks.
  9. I've been waiting for my local dealer to get a GT. They finally got one. A guy bought it off the transporter without ever even touching it for $5k over sticker. Yes 5k. The sales manager told me they won't be selling them there for sticker until they start to sit on the lot for a few days. I'll just wait a couple of months before buying. As far as whether the dealer is greedy, would you honestly say you'd sell something for 28k if there was somebody standing there willing to pay 33k? The initial demand will die down soon and it will be back to normal prices. Then the guys who paid over sticker will feel pretty dumb. Me, I'll wait and find the best deal I can and use the savings for a Vortech.
  10. Paid list. Would have paid more if dealer had asked. Im trading mine in on a convert when they are out. Dealer said he would give me a deal on the order car.
  11. Until people stop paying over sticker most of us will be forced to wait. I can't blame the dealer for making the extra $$$. But for me, the wait will be worth the extra savings. The GT I test drove 5 days ago was suppossed to be sold but the deal fell through and it's just sitting on the lot. There's also another GT sitting next to it that's been there just as long. I wonder how long they'll have to sit there before the dealer finally wants to negotiate. I am also considering an '03 or '04 Cobra. I've test driven one and looked at a few others. Most are a little used but I'll jump on a Cobra if the price is right.
  12. What I paid for my 05 Mustang

    I ordered a GT Premium, Sonic Blue/Light Graphite Interior, Automatic, Side Airbags, Interior Upgrade, Active Anti-Theft and Wheel Locks.
    Out The Door- $28,644 (Includes Tax/License/Document Fees)
    I got my car at X-Plan.

    Several dealers in my area (SoCal) are marking up the new Mustang between $2500 and $10,000 for cars in stock.

  13. Oh luck I guess. I went to my Ford dealer three weeks ago after work and asked the first guy I saw for any brochures he had on the car. We got to talking a bit and he was a really unconventional car salesman, cool and no pressure. I asked for him to call me when the first car came in and he did, and I was the first to drive it fresh from the detail shop :nice: . I told him I wanted one and named my price and he said O.K. come back Saturday and bring money, and then today I wrote a check for 1K and it was done.... sooo luck I guess...

    I also got a window tint job added to that, I forgot to mention that in my first post. :banana:

    I'm sure there will be a dealer somewhere within reasonable distance that will make a deal. I'm luck because here in DFW there has to be at least 12 ford dealerships between the two cities.
  14. 25555.46 ? Is that with TTL or TTL on top of that ? If on top, how much was TTL as I'll be looking soon and am in the DFW area also.

  15. WOW! That was easy. I've never even heard of a salesman like that. It must have been your destiny!
  16. Who did the Window tint job? Did it fair well with the dot matix style of windows?
  17. Ordered my Premium GT Windveil Blue w/ lt graphite int. 10/2... IUP, side air bags, spoiler delete, locking hubs, security cost me $24,878.55 plus TTL- got GM sales manager signature also
  18. Sounds like you had a "plan".
  19. I just ordered the car yesterday! So as of now I have no idea how the tint will turn out.
  20. 25555.46 less TTL.

    Texas motor vehicle sales tax is 6.25% less trade in value.

    SO Tax will be $1597.21 unless they give me more than break even on my trade.

    Title and liscense is 105.75

    Which would make the total drive out cost $27258.42

    I'll deduct 1,000 for the deposit and another 1,500 that I will add to it when I pick it up.

    So I will be financing about 24758.42.
    Assuming my credit union will still be offering 4.75% interest my monthly payment will be $464.39 on a 60 month note.

    Thats really not a lot of money for a lot of car when you think about it.