why do you drive a fox?

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  1. i made a thread in 4.6 asking why they all drive 4.6's not 5.0's and now i want to hear the other side of the story. the reason is im kida wanting to get another fox but not sure yet. it wont be my DD im just looking for a nice car thats fast. and cant decide on selling the 98 and getting a fox or keeping it and making it fast. just gonna cost a little more.

    i just want to know why so many people get foxes. it cant be the price cause a nice fox now cozt more than a 96-98 gt from what ive seen lately.

    link to thread in 4.6 talk

  2. I have always loved the body style and combine that with the 302 its a nice match.
  3. Foxes are in my mind one of the best looking bad ass cars made. I love the boxy look, they dont weigh a ton, aren't THAT much $$ to start with, maintain or mod. Real easy to work on.Have potential to be very fast, you can do just about anything to one open up a catalog and you can put a SBC in it, or a SBF with a GM tranny. Anything can be done with these cars. The biggest thing is foxes are between the muscle car aera and the new age. Now that is kinda hard to explain but you would think I would love driving my g/f's car after driving mine but let me tell you it is not even close to the same feeling. I love my fox and have no plans on ever getting out of these cars. 94+ :notnice:
  4. i know the feeling bently.

    ive had two 4.6 cars in the last 3 years and the last one got sold for a fox and i think this one is fixing too.
  5. I drive a Fox because it was the "new" car when I was in high school. I graduated in 1980 and still remember going to The Seattle International Auto Show in the Kingdome in November of 1978 and seeing the new Mustang up on a turntable. That thing was the ****! My first car was a 69 Mustang that I got in 78 and it was only natural that I would want a Fox to replace it, which I did in 1999. I like all Mustangs, to one degree or another (even the II's and the S197), but I will always like the Fox cars the best.
  6. dude, they are both awesome, i know i trash the 4.6 alot, but its still a pretty awesome engine for what it is. i read your other thread and pretty much agree with what the other guys said. if you want a quick dd that you get in and go, get a 4.6 or a stockish 5 liter. if you want a nasty street car, get a fox. its as simple as that.

    i could see myself in a 94-95 cobra at some point or even a termie/mach for a nice daily, but right now im all about the raw cheap agressive power of a fox. i cant get enough of them. blown and turbocharged sn95 cobras/gts are bad ass, but right now i cant think of one ide rather listen to over my h/c/i fox... the lopey rough idle of a 5 liter just drives me nuts.
  7. the AMAZING 5.0 sound!

    pretty much all that's already been said, i like the simplicity and ease of a fox.
  8. cheap, reliable, common.
  9. Simplicity yet so interchangable. So many parts from later body styles literally bolt right in. The styling is amazing and they are just so fun and easy to beat up and if it breaks, the parts are readily available and aren't too expensive.
  10. 1/4 mile performance=Fox, everything else=SN95
    That being said I do not like the 2V V-8 and wont ever buy another. The 4V V-8 is my most favorite engine! Easy to work on (for some) and the sound is unbelievable! The cranks (Cobra, Mach1 Stick) can handle 2000hp and the aluminum block can do 1200hp with no problems.
    But I love the classic lines of the fox box :nice: Just something about them, guess cause I grew up with them and a Fox was my first two cars.
    My ultimate car would be a 93 Notch with a complete 03/04 Cobra power/drive train and interior but with a 96-98 Cobra block. If I had the cash (cause I aint got the skill) I would have one built :nice:
  11. I just like the fox mustangs. :D
  12. another thing i like about foxes is there are so many of them that are done uniquely, custom interiors, custom engine bays, all kinds of sweet stuff that i dont see much of in the newer cars yet.
  13. :stupid: Parts are also cheaper, compared to the sn-95's and beyond.
  14. Fox love

    I drive a fox for a few reasons...

    1) I've wanted one since before I could drive. In highschool I would have given anything for a fox (although I'm glad I didn't have one then, I probably would have killed myself) and I knew I just had to have one someday.

    2) The look. Foxes (LXs especially) are just all business, they just look tough. The design is kind of reminiscent of an older style muscle car I think. To me they stand out on the road amidst a sea of cookie cutter cars.

    3) Low end torque. To me this is the most fun kind of power you can have on an around town street driven car.

    4) The price. Although now decent ones are starting to creep up in price, they are still a great bang for the buck.

    Having also owned a 2V car and a 4V car, I can say the thing I miss most when driving my fox is the handling. MM XL subframes will be going on in spring though so that will help somewhat. Bilsteins have helped some too already.
  15. Back when I was in high school I read an article in Hot Rod Magazine rating the best-bang-for-the-buck hot rods of all time. The 5.0 Fox was the crowned champion. I had been looking for a hobby car to buy, and that article planted the seed. Months later I had my '86, and since then I've never looked back. That was more than 7 years ago and I still love it as much as the day I brought it home!
  16. Loved my fox for the 302, hated my 04GT for the 4.6.
  17. I went to High School from 88-92 so I grew up with them. I bought my first one in 1995. I paid $6500 for a 1991 LX 5.0 hatchback and drove that until I sold it in 2002 to help pay for my Mach 1. About 6 months later I realized that I had to have a fox so I bought a 93 GT convertible.

    They are pretty cheap to work on. There are plenty of guys going fast on explorer motors, old school GT40 irons, ported intakes and such.

    It is starting to get rare to see a really nice foxbody anymore. I see them but most of the time they are rough around the edges. Even my 88 coupe has seen better days.

    They really are fun to drive. I get more comments and looks in my 88 coupe than when I drive my 03 Mach 1.

    This is a personal reason but as others have said the boxy style of a foxbody looks good. There is no mistaking a foxbody with any other car when you see one driving down the road. They do definitely stand out.
  18. Old school. I fell in love with my 69 GTO, when I was 13. That was 1979. After I got out of HS in 85, got a real job, and went car shopping, well, the LX hatch was a natural step. It did everything like the old cars did, with the exception of having fuel injection. Looked, drove, sounded, ran, just like the muscle from the old days. Like driving a 68 Road Runner, 20 years later. With no massive price tag, like today. They definitely digressed from that aspect of Lee's invention. But I had the honor of owning a 4.6, in a 97 T-bird, as a driver for some years, from early 03. Power all over the band, great torque, ran great til 197K on the clock, when some lady removed the front end on me-or I'm certain it'd still be running great. But it was like, TOO smooth, ya know? Impersonal, antiseptic. Had no flaws, but no PERSONALITY. Does that make sense? Intangables. Idk how else to explain- it didn't need me to make it good, maybe? The 5.0, it just FEELS better, even if its replacement is better. Its old school.
  19. Because that's what I found when I was car-shoppin' 9 years ago :p

    But now it's because I love the damn things. They're an institution, and are to be respected on the streets.
  20. I drive a fox because its a hell of a lot cooler than a yugo. Actually I fell in love with the body style and the workability of them several years ago. Its kinda an Ikon as far as im concerned for anyone that wants to get into a cool car as is factory and you can do pretty much anything you want to to them. The parts are so abundant and interchangeable its unreal. Try to change the nose from a 1979 comaro to a 1993 camaro it would be a fun project but with fox mustangs its all possible you can use your imagination to design your own unique ride.