2011 may have a Cobra

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by oh9mustang, Jun 7, 2009.

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  1. Your president has said he wants gas mileage to be at 35 by 2016, And will start down that road in 2012. So I'm guessing that 2011 will be the last performance year. I hope I am wrong but Barack Hussein Obama???
    I was talking to a friend of mine that owns a Ford Dealership and he said that maybe in 2011 SVT will make a Cobra. Kind of a last hurrrah thing.
    I will have one. (fingers crossed).
  2. 2011 cobra

    I wish
  3. There already is a Cobra... The GT500...?

    They wouldn't make a 2011 Mustang GT Cobra if they're already making GT500s... Maybe a special edition is in store.

    And the law is that by 2016, the average MPG per COMPANY AS A WHOLE needs to be at least 35 for sedans, cars, etc. And I think 30 for trucks and SUVs.

    Ford can keep the Mustang... They just need to produce more Fusions, Flexes, etc.
  4. Where do you live?
  5. The Shelby is not a Cobra, It's a GT 500. The 03-04 Cobra's were the last Cobra's Ford made. Shelby's are Shelby's, Cobra's are Cobra's, There is a difference.
    Putting a snake on a car doesn't make it a cobra or I seen some V6 cobra's running around. When FORD puts COBRA on the bumper and Cobra as a option on the window sticker, Then it's a cobra.

    I live in Houston, (That would be Texas)
  6. Looks like he's yours, too. ;)
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the GT500 goes through the same assembly line process as the defunct SVT Cobra used to... Only the KRs & Shelby GTs go to Las Vegas. I thought the Shelby deal was to replace the SVT; mainly using the (Shelby) name while still employing the SVT staff to satisfy the bean counters
  8. Also, car manufacturers will still produce fast cars like the Corvette and Shelby GT500 as long as people by them and pay the Gas Guzzler Tax. Those MPG mandates are for an average for their entire car line up.

    The thing to worry about more are the States pushing legislation for no cars over 15 years old w/o hefty fines/fees and banning of aftermarket accessories.
  9. I hear Ford is going to introduce a unicorn jumping over a rainbow into a pot of gold in 2011! They are naming it the super duper snake gt600. Its going to have a 5.03 liter hybrid engine that gets 62 mpg and makes 500hp/634ftlbs torque. They are SUPPOSE to mate it to the mercedes 7 speed auto trans. The driveshaft is made out of platinum and injected with helium to make it lighter. The entire car is to be a new space age material that is not yet available on this planet. Did I mention that 1/4 mile time is suppose to be in the sub 11 second range? It gets a 6 star safety rating. The paint is chameleon and changes colors according to a button the driver pushes from the cockpit (pretty cool if you ask me). Chip Foose, Carroll Shelby, Steve Saleen, and the ghost of Boyd Coddington are all working on it right now.

    There are rumors of a wipe-your-butt option that might be available, but that is just speculation.

    I CANT WAIT!!!!!
  10. We're right... :nice:

    The GT500 is called the "Ford Shebly Cobra". It is made by SVT, the same group that made the SN95 Cobras. There's a reason a "Cobra" emblem is on a Ford-made car.

    Ford Shelby Cobra GT500 Forum

  11. That

    could possibly have been the funniest thing I have ever read on this site. :rlaugh: :hail2:
  12. LOL!:lol:
  13. LMAO
    What was the point of this thread again? Oh yea....some boneheaded statement.
  14. The GT500 is called the "Ford Shelby Cobra".????????
    Buy who? People that own one or wish they owned one. Look at the window sticker, No "Cobra", anywhere, It's been a long time since a Shelby was a Cobra. All of his old Mustangs had a Snake on them , none were cobras.

    ALL Car Fan, That was funny and more true then not, Rumors are just that. I can still hope that Ford does make a Cobra again.
  15. Dude, answer me this. Back when Ford DID make a Cobra, did they have a GT500? No, they didn't. The 2004 Mustang GT is to the 2004 Mustang Cobra, as the 2010 Mustang GT is to the 2010 GT500.

    Why would they make another supercharged Mustang if they already have the GT500?

    And by the way, for 2011 Ford is bringing back the 5.0 engine... :crazy:
    (400 hp & tq)
  16. "Dude, answer me this. Back when Ford DID make a Cobra, did they have a GT500? No, they didn't. The 2004 Mustang GT is to the 2004 Mustang Cobra, as the 2010 Mustang GT is to the 2010 GT500."

    I agree with this, but,Just because the GT500 is made by the SVT department don't make it a cobra or we should put Cobra after the SVT Focus or Lightning or Raptor.
    Shelby couldn't make the GT500 and give it a 3year warranty so Fords SVT department did.
    The reason I think a 2011 Cobra is in the works is because I don't think the Shelby will be available in 2011.
    And your right that a 5.0 will be available in 2011 it's from the Raptor, which will be available mid 2010 line.

  17. Dude

    That'd be cool. We'll see.


    And the 5.0 is coming for 2011, it's called Coyote. It's replacing the 4.6 and the 5.4... The new GT500/Cobra will just be a supercharger 5.0. The V6 will have the option of the TT Ecoboost engine as well.

    2011 is gonna be a crazy year!


  18. Cobra - Roush and Ford SVT
    GT500 - Roush and Ford SVT with Shelby for marketing

    What's the difference? Badges?
  19. ford should just make a 200 mpg elcetric car, so they can have the mustang lol
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