22" on a 2005

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  1. The 245/30 tire will sit about even with the wheel lip. I see there is also a 265/30 that is .8" wider. The 245 is 27.8" tall(which may work fine on the front), the 265 is 28.3" tall(I'd suggest placing that on the back only to avoid rubbing while turning the wheel).

    I'm sure the 22" will have negtive effects on the suspension and brakes on your car when it hits bumps and stops. That is more weight that it will have to deal with every single time. It is definitely more form over function.

    IMO I still feel the wheel size is too big for a coupe and will look way out of place. Being it is a low profile tire, it will only have about 2.5-2.75" of sidewall...:shrug: To me these cars need some more rubber to fill up the wheel gap not wheel. I thought about going 20s, but the sidewalls are to short for my taste.
  2. No problem. Listen to Dawg, he knows his rubbers. :rlaugh:

    Thanks Dawg! :nice:

  3. too funny JENN, ROFL!!!!
  4. I just think even if you dont want to race your car theres a reason you bought a GT(i think you have a GT) and thats because you want the power sometimes. So why not go a bit wider with your wheel to get it to the ground a bit better? With the stock 235's spinning the wheels is very easy so 245 wont have a lot of advantage. If you really want the 22's go to a wheel shop and get them to take all the measurements and junk to see how well it will effect the car. As for the speedo you can always buy a tuner and calibrate for the upgraded size to compensate. Keep in mind the whole package, its alot of research for custom rims and you dont wan't to lookover anything when buying otherwise you'll get stuck with a 2000 dollar set of rims that fit on nothing :bang: Good luck though!
  5. If I remember correctly these are 22's

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  6. I have a few pics of some cars with 22's and they look fine.As far as the brakes, definetly NEED big brakes,not only for appearance, but for the added wieght.As far as rubbing, the shop we dealt with had one and had zero issues,due to the mild drop,(Eibach Pro Kit)

  7. I have to agree with the majority.. 22's are pushing it all I have seen are ugly and do the car no justice.

    But if you like driving on rubberbands and being beat to death with a rough ride go for it.. I am sure the soccor moms with the 24's on their suvs would love you to go crusing with you.
  8. I'm guessing you have or had 22's or 24's at some point to know how they ride???
  9. Nope never have and never will. I just see enough people around here with them to tell they are one uncomfortable ride.

    When you head is bobbing around on every bump. Those are on bad riding wheel and tire combo. But hey if they want to be 'kewl' instead of enjoying the ride go for it.
  10. <---Will never run anything over an 18 on ANY car unless stock rims are bigger.
  11. Well I will say what i know firsthand instead "what I think" or "what I see", and since I have worked at a few places that tsell wheel and tire packages as well as luxury dealers, the cars you "see" bouncing around probably have the wrong tire for the weight of the vehicle or are lowered the wrong way.It would be more helpfull if you were informed rather then misinform somebody else.
  12. Wow don't take it personal.. must have hit a nerve. I will worship you tireness later.

    It's an opinion and from what I have seen a lot of people have the wrong combination. So maybe you could fix the world.
  13. even if i cant fix the world, i wont talk out of my a$$ because i saw a car on the street and assumed something about it.

    But because you saw a car in a parking lot,give the guy your firsthand opinion on what the results will be.
  14. When are you going to give yours instead of attacking someone for giving an opinion you don't agree with?

    So based off you your comments when a cars entire body shakes going over a bump it is just a figment of my imagination, cause I am not in the car experiencing that it is riding like crap because of the 22s and rubberband tires with no suspension changes?

    Sorry didn't know thanks for clairifing. :hail2:
  15. 22's are just gay. don't get them. 20" would be more than enough on an s197
  16. I run 24's on my denali and unfortunately have to disagree, smart decisions in the tire package along with small changes in suspension do wonders. I'd never say it looks like an uncomfortable ride. Because your perception may be wrong. To negotiate things like speed bumps with large wheels you can't just go pounding over them. My nali rode these panther realms for 4 years now and I have zero issue with comfort, being bumped around or anything. Matter of fact I tug my 24ft Chapparal around nearly 10,000 miles per year with no issues what so ever.




    Back to the topic though, I just wouldn't do a 22" on a mustang. It's more for show type things, the processes required to make it all functional just aren't worth it. Look at the pics of the majority of these cars that have 22's on them. They're basically all trailer queens. Secondly, pics on the net often times look okay, but when you see these large wheels on a sports car in person, they are overwhelming. I run 20's on my stang and I even think they appear big at times.


    Ultimately it's your decision. Just remember when you come to public forums asking opinions, your going to get personal feeling on your topic and in a sports car forum, your likely to receive some rib cage poking, especially when talking about such a large wheel. The travel you have in a mustang versus an SUV is far greater. Your limited in making a large wheel feel comfortable. I know how my 20's feel now, a 22 would just piss me off in my day to day driving.
  17. What I said was if you dont have or have never used a 22/24" wheel, you dont know what the ride is like.My opinion is based on fact,like i said,not just assuming like what your doing.Also, the correct tires for any wheel/tire combination is not a "rubber band".They chose that becasue they didnt want to spend money on the right tire,they didnt know or got talked into a wrong tire to make it fit.
  18. And I would respect your opinion as you have personal experience.

    I am simple pointing out to the other person whe continues to bash someone elses opinion and so far has not provided anything constructive other than than what he has sold someone.

    Also thank you for explaining what I have been trying to say all along...just not in the way you stated. My comment about the soccor moms suv strictly comes from seeing all the suvs around here that ride like crap because of them. As I have stated before.. It is my opinion.

    The travel you have in a mustang versus an SUV is far greater. Your limited in making a large wheel feel comfortable. I know how my 20's feel now, a 22 would just piss me off in my day to day driving.[/QUOTE]
  19. I wasnt bashing your opinion, i said you were were talking out of your ass, and i stand behind that.

    Dont back peddle what you said and pretty it up now.

    In any of those quotes did you mention so politely the point you were trying to make.

    Again I stated what I sold, and not just one set,many sets as well as having 24's on a my own chevy truck with a 305/30/24.I sold my buddy 22's for his 300C, so I think I have a little more to back up what I say.
  20. Thanks for the 411 guys.

    It sounds like the safer bet would be to go with the AmericanMuscle 20x10 (w/ 285s) in the back and 20x8.5 (w/ 255s?) up front. I’m pretty sure that’s a proven setup, isn’t it?

    Thanks again,

    (BTW, I’m not sure where the “if you ask for opinions, you’ll get them, so if you don’t want your feelings hurt…” bit came into play. I’m no stranger to forums, I understand them and the folks that use them better than most. I was just expecting more useful feedback from the get-go and less flaming)