347 N/a Or 306 Super Charged??

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347 Stroker w/ High Compression or 306 Super Charged??

  1. 347 Stroker H/C

  2. 306 S/C

  1. You can pm me or @93TRANSAM or call the shop phone number on the site (856-881-7870)
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  2. Lots of experience and feedback :SN:
    I felt keeping the stock block 450hp limit would help the common one from sourcing the expensive blocks to handle the added hp threshold.
  3. I figure if or when I ever kill my block , it will be a good excuse to finally build a stroker.
    I will then transfer the supercharger to that new motor and make a bunch of powa! LOL
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  4. I'm with 84Ttop. (sorta) I've made 525 rwhp with a stock block 306 and a NON intercooled ProCharger P1. Went 10.17 @ 132 with a T5.

    I would choose a boosted 302/306 over a stroker any day. IF THE TUNE IS RIGHT, the drivability of the boosted 306 will be just like stock. Better than a (presumably cammed) 347, and you won't have to rev the crap outta the 306 to make the power like you would on an NA motor. Two cents.
  5. You've got this almost right... Just replace the P word with a V word ;) lol

    On second thought that sounds dirty...nevermind
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  6. ALWAYS choose the V over the P!!! Wait... what? :D
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  7. darn darn darn, i was getting ready to pull the trigger on tw 11r heads....

    after the 50th show, thinking, talking and reading im going SC

    as now defined on here i guess im an old geezer lol so

    paxton novi
    GT 40 heads
    cobra 93 intake
    custom cam?

    anyone think its the wrong direction?
  8. Wrong direction? No!
    All that equals FUN!

    I'll bet I'm the oldest Geezer on here. LOL
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  9. Do I HAVE to say that you did that one all on your own? lol
  10. would it be better for tw 170 or gt 40 heads?

    trying to understand the iron vs alum boost debate...
  11. Clearly the trickflows are the better head between those two. What the previous posters were saying about alum vs iron heads is true but I ran iron heads with up to 20 psi no problem so it can be done. The weight difference is huge though.
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  12. makes sense, so spring the extra $ and do it now... yardwork day... and i spent it thinking the same... thank you !

    reactivated second car/ gotta wanta drive the stang day

    tfs 170
    cobra tmoss intake
    paxton novi
    70 mm acufab

    ots cam suggestions... please :)

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  13. I'm gonna recommend the Trick Flow stage 1 cam. I really like mine!
  14. I would jokingly recommend the b can so @mikestang63 could post the YouTube video but I agree that the TFS stage 1 cam would be a good choice!
  15. Nick, curious why you like the TFS1 ? IMO for maybe $50 more than the cost of an OTS cam, Ed Curtis @ FTI can make you a custom cam that is designed for your setup that will outperform any OTS cam.

    I'm piecing together a new top end for my car and a cam from Ed will be one of the parts included.
  16. I think I would only consider a custom cam these days if I had an aftermarket block that could handle it
  17. The Cobra intake is maxed out at around 350hp unless you have Tom Moss port it. Def get a custom cam. The extra $50 will be well worth it. Get LT headers. If you can afford it, get the TW heads. Out of the box they will run circles around the GT40 heads.

    A proven 325 rwhp combo is
    TW heads'
    Ported Cobra/Explorer lower
    Custom cam

    Add in the blower and you will be easy 400.. I would say get 42 lb injectors, a matching PRO M 80mm MAF and a tune, and ditch the FMU.
  18. Why? An OTS cam is almost $300. There are plenty of people including myself who have used custom cams for cars that are 300-450hp. It's not only improved performance, but better drive manners, no surging idle issues or bucking.
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