66 Coupe restoration pics!

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  1. Here's some more pics, the fit and finish on the car is coming out so nice. We got sequential LED taillights for it as well as LED reverse light bulbs and parking bulbs. The front bulbs are not in yet as they aren't functioning properly. I want to keep this car for myself! haha We want to leave the pony out of the grille, what you guys think?
    here's a before and after picture. this car was uuuugly when we started on it!
  2. :shrug: don't you need the fender braces???? (or whatever those things are called)

    i wouldn't put the pony in that grill..............
  3. Oh don't you worry, we got the TCP full shock tower brace and monte carlo bar set up coming in soon.
  4. What did you spray in the trunk? I wish mine trunk looked that clean....damn another project now....
  5. Damn that all looks nice!
    You guys are good...
    Hey what is the paint code and did you paint it single stage or base coat / clear coat?

    Yeah what is that trunk finished with- looks nice.
  6. I am a fan of the small pony emblem in the lower drivers side. At least with that style grill anyway
  7. The trunk was sprayed in Duplicolor spatter paint. These cars, to be correct, have the body color overspray in the trunk area but we wanted to make it look more complete and used the trunk paint. And the color code is P, we wanted Dupont base coat but our paint supplier could only mix it in Nason base coat. We love the color. The car looks very smooth!
  8. Thats looking great. I'm really liking it.

    What headlights are those?

    I wouldn't use the LED in the parking or the reverse lights. The color of the reverse lights and the fact that they don't flood the light at all angles makes them not as effective. The same is true of the parking lights. All those replacement LEDs do is create hot spots and see bright at certain angles. If you have complete LED panels in the tail lights that is ok, if its just LED bulbs I wouldn't use them there either. GE Nighthawk makes 1157 incandescents that are brighter than stock. I have the Scott Drake incandesent sequential setup an like it alot.

    I think the wheels tires and stance is great.

    I would put the pony back on the grille.
  9. The P is the color my 66 was originally.
    So it was base - clear?
  10. I did that with my grill i think it looks good
  11. The headlights are the tri bar ultra clears from Mustangs Unlimited. And the LED's do disipate the light very well, the have about 25 LED's around the bulb and are very bright.

    Originally from the factory, the paint was probably a single stage enamel or something of that nature, in our case we got it mixed as a base coat color and then cleared it.
  12. MAC, where are you in Jersey? Might run into you sometime at a cruise or show next year....
  13. We're in Budd Lake, NJ. Like 20 mins from Island Dragway.
  14. You're about an hour away from me. I've been to Budd Lake a few times for work, but haven't been to Island Dragway since I was a child....Good luck with the Stang.
  15. That looks good, but you need to get a pony emblem that runs from right to left.
  16. Bring all the coupes back! Lots of work... enjoy the result. Looks great.
  17. Its crazy to think that just 10 months ago this thing was a non running pile of rust! The interior is pretty much all done. We just have a hand full of things to do on this thing and then its going to be DONE! This build has gone very very quickly for us! Probably cause its a Mustang :)

  18. Hey that looks great.
    I am almost certain I am going to do a black interior.

    Are those standard seats?
    Did you get fresh seat foams if so may I as where?
    And are those standard door panels?

    Great job guys!
  19. That looks very nice. I like those sport seats. I've been considering them for my 65. Are those the TMI ones?