Added 20hp with C&L combo! Dyno results here

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by stylin99, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. I'm pissed!

    My stuff just got here and FUQed up the order! :mad: :bang: :mad:

    I ordered:

    C&L 10696P (96-98 Mass Air Kit w/ True-Flow pipe)
    C&L 711 (C&L Upper Intake Plenum w/ Small PCV fitting (1996))

    I got:

    C&L 10699P (99-01 Mass Air Kit w/ True-Flow pipe)
    C&L 711A (C&L Upper Intake Plenum w/ Large PCV fitting (2001+))

    Now I have to send it back and wait probably 2 more weeks! :mad: :bang: :mad:
  2. Man that sucks... Waiting for anything is the worst.. I have been waiting for my Precision Industries Torque Converter (3200 stall) for 1 week, tomarrow it finally comes... I can't wait

    Well when you finally get your parts, it will be worth the wait!! :banana:
  3. I measured my 03 GT MAF and the ends measure 85mm but in reduces down to 80mm at the throat of the MAF.

  4. Okay I finished writing the C&L article which includes installation photos, tips, and how-to information. Also includes the dyno results, pricing, and other desired info.

    For your reading pleasure:
  5. great write up :) you made me reconsider the C & L MAF. :)
  6. Very cool :nice:
    But the dyno graphs at the bottom don't work for me... 404's.

    Thanks again!!
  7. I have the remote optimizer on my car as well. I love it. Easy to tune.

    I remember like a year ago, when I posted that I had it, amny people were like WTF? Everyone told me that it was a waist, and shouldnt be used. But it makes all teh difference in the world on teh dyno.

    Congrats, on the good #'s.
  8. So theoretically, a Pro-M Optimizer could be better than a tune right? Since if you add more mods, you can tune the A/F yourself... and change it whenever you want without having to pay for another tune. (Maybe the Steeda adaptive tune is better though)

    Soon enough I'm going to get a tune be it a chip or flash since I think I'm running rich. BUT, I'm not sure if I'm done modding my car yet so I may end up getting another tune later on then. Would an Optimizer be a better purchase? I'm going to get a 75mm tb before going to the dyno in a month or two.
  9. That is exactly why I like the tweecer... :nice:
  10. I dont know much about this Pro M optimizer, but does it give you exact readouts of your A/F mixture, or is it just a dial that says "leaner" and "richer"? It sounds to me that once you hit the dyno, then it can be adjusted for power gains. Is this correct, or can I play with this thing in my driveway and know my exact A/F ratio throughout the RPM range? The reason why I ask this is because if it is used when your car is sitting on the dyno, its probably cheaper, and will have the same result as getting a tune from the dyno shop.
  11. The site says : "This is best done using a fuel/air ratio meter. Care should be taken, as it is possible to damage the engine by running it too lean. If it smokes and burbles it is too rich. More important, if it pops or pings, it is too lean."

    and actually, I'm going ot make a new thread about the Optimizer to not hijack this one...
  12. True, but all you can do is fool the PCM into making the air-fuel ratio richer or leaner. With the tweecer you can change anything though I will admit it isn't as easy to use. :D
  13. Yeah, the SCT tuner package looks nicer, but that's even more than the Tweecer package. :doh:
    Just tinkering with the A/F is probably all I'd ever do anyways :p
  14. It seems like the more you pay, the better it gets but it is nice being able to change it yourself... :nice:
  15. Yeah, agree :cheers:
  16. Can't I just slap on the plenum and T-body and let the computer figure out the rest? There's no place close to tune anything around here.
  17. If that's all you change, the adaptive strategy should take care of it pretty quickly... :nice:
  18. Doesn't it make it richer or leaner throughout the whole RPM range? What if you are fine up to about 3500 and then get richer as the RPMs get higher? That's what my dyno says. It couldn't fix that, could it?
  19. You should not attempt to use the Optimizer without the dyno showing you the air/fuel ratio. It is extremely dangerous to simply twist the dials in your driveway with no idea of the effect it's having on your air/fuel.

    There are ports on the box for a volt meter to read the voltage it's putting out. But you can't exactly read it while at full throttle going down the local street. ;)
    You need to put it on a stationary dyno to dial it in properly.