Anyone else build scale model cars?

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  1. Did the paint actually have bubbles in it, or were they fisheyes? Fisheyes are the biggest problem I've had, I guess they're caused by something on the surface that prevents the paint from sticking. You just gotta wash the body really good and wipe it down with mineral spirits before you paint it (although, I've done this with some things and still gotten fisheyes in the paint)
  2. yea i think it was just fisheyes im going to clean it up and primer it then try to paint it in the next couple of days
  3. i signed up for free image hosting.... i think its like or something like that

    yeh, i love dbz, and i have quite the collection lol
  4. I keep a large coffee can full of brake fluid. When a paint job goes bad, into the brake fluid it goes, all the paint comes off, and I start over again. Works for me. I've even stripped a car I built years ago and wasn't happy with.
  5. Hm, those tutorials are pretty good. I prefer to use masking tape for my seatbelts though, I think it looks just as good as that stuff they use.

    Also- I would think brake fluid would soften plastic really bad. Does it not?
  6. It only starts to soften the plastic after a few weeks. A fresh paint job comes off in an hour or less. I left a body in there once just to see and after 2 months I could feel that the plastic was more "bendy" or softer but it still washed ok and even sanded normally. The older the paint is, the longer it takes to come off.
  7. the otherday i was at walmat and in the discount part i found another 88 gt i think i might go get it since its like 5$ and i might have messed mine up
  8. Ive had nothing to do in my small amouts of spare time cept work on models, heres a Plymouth GTX i just finished
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