BEFORE you butcher a 4 eye... (56k beware)

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  1. I need to take some glam shots of the car now that it has new paint on it.



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  2. Very very seriously thinking about Mach 1s if i can get them staggered and dished...I hear they're one of the heaviest Ford rims ever though?

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  3. Haha yea, mine clocked in around 26-28 lbs, IIRC. They do look great dished, though.
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  5. :eek:I did something productive? :scratch:

    NIKwoaC your hatch is the sex
  6. Haha thanks man. It's far from perfect, but it's coming along.
  7. Some of those 4 eyes are amazing! IMO they look more aggressive than the aero nose. People can do what they want with their cars but I hope they keep some as they came.

    seeing pictures of I miss my 85 hatchback... Here are the specs on it. My ex sold it for $4000 to pay for her divorce attorney. :bang:

    1985 gt 347 all motor 11.5 to 1 J&E , Eagle crank, .675 solid roller lifer cam, TFS high ports, victor jr , all ported, BG Cold Claw, Holley Blue pump with 8-an braided lines, main & stud & rocker girdles, ARP studs throughout, MSD Ignition, 1 3/4 long tubes, X pipe, tko, 31 spline auburn pro w/4.56 gears, subs, adj upper and lowers, Eibach Drag pack, 6 pt cage, Weld draglites -skinnies up front and 15x10 with MT 28X10.5's, custom interior 2600lbs. best time so far 10.26 @130 442 rwhp 505 rwtq
  8. This thread is responsible for me ending up with the below:
  9. image.jpg
    Here is my 86 GT!
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  10. Drooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!
  11. so much car pron!
  12. Drop that girl down another inch or two and it screams awesomeness. Hope your power plant backs up the attitude of that hood!
  13. I did lower it its on eibachs pro kit and Steeda caster chamber plates an bump steer kit. She is supercharged as well. I have a whole laundry list of things done to her. She sounds just as mean as she looks too. JBA shorties MAC off road h pipe and Bassani cat back exhaust. Thanks bud! People dang near break there necks staring at her ever time I go out. It's my daily no trailer queens at my house build it drive or don't build it at all is how I look at things!
  14. The '94-'97 Cobra wheels look like they were made for 4-eyes. The look 100 times better on those cars. I had a set of '94-'95 Cobra wheels on my '86 when I converted it. Best appearance mod I ever did to that car.
  15. Thanks guys... I did a 5 lug conversion just for them wheels. I've always been a fan of TRX's, but well... yeah... the Cobras I got on sorta reminds me of TRX's in certain angles, so I went with them. I'm curious to see what they'll look like on 82GT and pace car.
  16. I know this is an old thread but just wanted to post a current pic of my four eye!
  17. image.jpg Just thought I'd post a pic in the 4eye love post
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  18. Thanks!
  19. Car is hot!! .....Move the hose next time, messin' things up.
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