Chepsk8, Pakrat, 65Stanger "Coming Out"...

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  1. Who said anything about letting inside the truck? You can ride in the back! :nonono:
    especially if you're wearing your horse-manure covered cowboy boots!
  2. The bed has a Tonneau cover. If he's in back, I can hit some big bumps, and bounce him inbetween the bed and cover like a ping-pong ball in a tornado....
  3. Heh heh. Well I'm not getting caught and if I did get caught I wouldn't get in trouble b/c I'm allowed here, but our class is almost done with the typing part of this class and we are going to be doing accouting and stuff like that so I wont get a chance to be on stangnet soon :( .

    I'm creating a picture of everyone in The Gutter and The Closet. So pick your favorite picture and post it so I can make this goofy pic :D .

    I saw a MINT '88 mustang convertable this morning on the way to school next to a white one. That green color on a mustang was just.... :rlaugh: .....I dont really care for the '88's but thats besides the point.

    :rlaugh: :nice: :lol:
  4. Ooh, ooh, ooh! We could even rig up a video camera and record him bouncing around! :D

  5. :lol: On the next episode of Americas funniest home videos.........
  6. No blankets either, I want to hear the metal of the bed resonate!!!
  7. Could we at least gag him so we don't hear him screaming?:shrug:
  8. That's half the fun!!!! I like sound effects!!!
  9. Might be funny to throw a few baseballs in there as well. That way it's "interactive"
  10. Yeah, sure! Have you ever heard of an "Uncle Henry"? Clue: It's made by Schrade Tool and Blade; and your tonneau would be looking like the magazine pictures of Cheapie's old top before we left the airport parking lot! :nice:

    And my boots are not covered in manure. I washed them off - in the BBFCM's end of the Gutter! :D

    Still Dreamin'
  11. So that's what the Smell is.
  12. ak! Blinded! went from dark to blue moon.. *blink* ok, now, why am I not invited? And what is that smell. I know horsecrap, and it smells more like festering peatnut.....

  13. I'm sorry, but I don't think it's fun listening to an old man screaming like a five year old girl!:nonono:
    Dammit StD! I asked you not to wash your boots off in the Gutter! Do you have any idea how hard it is to get that crap out of my blue fuzz???:mad: Now I'm gonna have to shave my ENTIRE body to get rid of it!:eek:The least you could've done was scraped 'em off on the curb! :shrug:
    NK, you weren't invited 'cause Virgin airlines are all booked that weekend! :rlaugh:
  14. There is a group of late model StangNetters out on the eastern end of Mass/RI who get together often for meets and cruises. I noticed they were organizing a trip to this place this Saturday.
  15. Ya.....but are you going to join us on the 20th! :shrug:
  16. I did see that group visit.

    But will they have a lunch afterwards like ours?

    C'mon RM, still a chance?
  17. NOT POSSIBLE!:nono: They don't have a Chepsk8, Pakrat or a Big Blue Fuzzy Closet Monster!!!
    :banana: :banana: :banana:
  18. One more thing to add to the back of dad's truck! The Softball dad and i were using sunday! Man that thing hurts!! It's like it's made of cement!

    After SD was washin his boots off in the gutter I dont think I will be dangling my feet in there for a while!! Just had to spoil that nice tapioca puddin and jello in the gutter with horse poop :nonono: .
  19. Bad mental picture :nonono: kinda like Dr. Evil's cat after a week of stuffing it's self in the little Debbie plant :D

  20. Depends upon how you look at it.....out here in the wild west we call it "stringey guacamole"!

    And we now hear roaring cacophony of 50-60 "Easterners" loudly swearing off Mexican food! :rlaugh:

    Still Dreamin'