Chepsk8, Pakrat, 65Stanger "Coming Out"...

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  1. Have you been following this thread??? Forget the parts - you need to bring a 55 gallon drum of Febreeze carpet and upholstery deoderant! :p
  2. and you can ride in the back and keep it from rolling and banging around!:lol:
  3. That's okay too! I may get squashed by the drum; but I won't be getting ill from the smell! :D

  4. Careful you may put an eye out :rolleyes:
  5. of his misery!?!
  6. Yeah, absolutely. I actually have a small crack in one lens, and the chrome trim on the tips is less than perfect on some. Sorry, planned on calling you back after my 3:30 meeting.
  7. Another fractured thread!!!
  8. :banana::banana::banana:
  9. I just thought of something even more scary than you guys running loose in New England. My 2 best friends are kidnapping me on Friday and we're going to be running amok down near Springfield. :banana: And we're going to eat at Lambert's Cafe (Home of the Throwed Roll) :banana: :nice:

  10. No One is watching the Closet, :eek:

    Party Time! :banana: :banana:
  11. :nono:

    I'm giving Oboe the key for the day.

  12. What does it matter? They will all be out running loose through the New England country side and Boston. OMG! Let's just hope they keep away from the USS Constitution or we will be minus one national treasure for sure!!!

  13. That's like putting a child in charge of the candy store!:nonono:
  14. hehehehehe :D where's the nearest locksmith!
  15. Down boy!:nono:

    You best remember just who's Closet Door Dawg you are!:nono:
    or else no more Scooby Snax for you!
  16. Main Entry: 2fracture
    Function: verb
    Inflected Form(s): frac·tured; frac·tur·ing /-ch&-ri[ng], -shri[ng]/
    transitive senses
    1 a : to cause a fracture in : BREAK <fracture a rib> b : RUPTURE, TEAR
    2 a : to damage or destroy as if by rupturing b : to cause great disorder in c : to break up : FRACTIONATE d : to go beyond the limits of (as rules) : VIOLATE <fractured the English language with malaprops -- Goodman Ace>
    intransitive senses : to undergo fracture

    Did you really expect any less :banana:
  17. it's not like he's actually trying to sell/rent the closet...... :rolleyes:
  18. Can we put a cast on him? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!
  19. Hmmmm . . .

    Maybe I'll just keep the key and leave Trixie the Killer Basset hound or Charlie & Sherbert the Killer Oscars to guard everything.

  20. Your Killer Oscars will only be able to patrol the Gutter! :hail2:
    As for Trixie.....I have yet to meet a dog / dawg who doesn't like Scooby Snax! :flag:
    Besides....the Closet will be empty for the day while I'm in NE with Pak and Chepsk8...... :spot:
    I've also got Terminex coming in on Saturday to fumigate!:D
    :banana: :banana: :banana: