Chepsk8, Pakrat, 65Stanger "Coming Out"...

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  1. That's it.....

    ALL of you in the back of the truck! I hope it's snowing real hard on the way up, and you all freeze!!! Fuzzy blue peanut butter eyeball frozen jacuzzi popsicles!!!!!
  2. :( awwww......gee whizz! and I got you a special present too! now you're gonna make me ride in the back with a bunch of critters that won't even be there?:(
  3. You really had to dig deep to pull that one out of the fire (BTW very funny)

  4. there will be no Critters in the back of that truck. I'm going to stay in Yuma, and work and My dad (the Wolf Critter) is in georgia. It sounds to me like a big BLUE fuzzy closet monster, a rat with a tendancy to keep things, a cheapsk8, and a 3' tall walking, talking green eyeball will be going.....

    So kindly leave the Critters out of it.

  5. You aren't even invited! :p
  6. I could put a plastic liner in the back of the truck, and bring a 6' section of the gutter.....
  7. BBFCM - nice avatar :nice: ...must have been from your bad boy phase :rolleyes: .
  8. Hell no! It's gonna be too cold.....we're supposed to be getting even more snow! I hope the heater in your truck works! :nonono:
  9. Lots of heat!

    If needed, I'll put some weight in the truck. No amount of snow will deter me!!!
  10. :banana: yeah! I hate cold, wet weather anyhow.

  11. Yipee Ki-Yay! :banana:

  12. :nono: Think of those poor people behind you.

    :puke: From the smell. :rlaugh:

  13. DOT regs, we'd probably need to placard it, and which placard do you use for "Gutter and Contents"?:shrug:
  14. this should cover it.....

    This should cover it......
  15. That is not a DOT placard!
  16. Last Call for anyone else........

    On the road tomorrow morning at 5 AM
  17. I am preparing to leave now for the boat, but first I must share some disturbing news I received late last night.......:eek:
    Pakrat might NOT be joining us after all, the message wasn't all that clear, it was something to do with a wild stack of feral and vicious dinner plates on the loose in the Exeter, NH area attacking people.....:shrug:
    There are several questions still left unanswered....::scratch:
    Where were the utensils?
    Were the plates acting alone?
    Were they armed with knives?
    Did the fork run away with the spoon?
  18. Well, I had fun on my trip, of course with a blond, a brunette, and a redhead, how could we not have fun? :D We went to a horse ranch because my friend is wanting to buy a horse. We got to hang out in the pasture surrounded by horses and got to ride a couple. :banana: We called my friends' husband & boyfriend because they were going to meet us at Lamberts, but they said they were running a couple hours late so we went to the mall in Springfield. We had just got there and were walking through the mall and the guys jumped out at us. :eek: Then we went to Bass Pro for a little while and went out to eat at Olive Garden (highly overrated IMO). My friend will probably end up buying one of the horses we looked at (beautiful black & white mare) and if she does, we'll be making another road trip in May. :banana:

    Oh, and I saw a REALLY nice looking 69 Mach 1 cruising in Springfield. Saw it once on the way to the mall, then about an hour later on the way to eat.

    First time I've ridden a horse in at least 6 years. Fortunately, she was very patient and forgiving.

    If Sarah could have fit this baby in the Montero, she would have come home with us. She followed Sarah everywhere:

    "Hey, wait! Don't leave me!"

  19. To allay ALL your Fears!

    I just returned from our Factory 5 trip......Chepsk8 and I DID NOT terrorize New England, although we did have lunch on Cape Cod after the Cheap One dumped a wad of cash (figuratively speaking...)

    That place is awesome! And as's a couple of pics to prove it......
    The BIG BLUE FUZZY actually fits in a Cobra......:eek: :
    BTW: Deanna.....Say good bye to your college fund! Your Dad also bought the silver coupe behind me..........:lol:

    The Cheap One cried as he wrote out a check.......:p
  20. :rolleyes: Did you at least Offer to vacume up all the blue fuzz
    after you sat in it. :)

    Chepsk8 only looks like he's crying, But I think the wheels are
    already turning inside his head for future plans on the Cobrask8. :D