Electrical Electric Fan Choices

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  1. I bought a new Contour/Cougar/Mystique dual electric fan off eBay for $47, Fits like stock and cools great.
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  2. What else is needed to make it work? Connectors, harness, etc?
  3. I think I'd go w the one for 150, it comes w the adjustsable fan controller too n my radiator is in good shape. If that cougar set up is fairly ez to do I'd go that route
  4. The difference is quality and CFM. With that said some of the most reliable highest CFM flowing fans are OEM ford ones. Lincoln Mark viii, Contour, Taurus etc. as larrym1961 also mentioned. Most aftermarket fans barely cover half the radiator and are weak. The best ones are the Ford engineered ones. Millions went into their design. All you need is the fan, pigtail and a decent controller capable of handling the amp draw.

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  5. Where can one find this said "pigtail?" Sorry if its a noobish question
  6. My vote
    Taurus E Fan from any mid 90's 3.8 V6 $35-50 at any JY
    Flex a lite Variable Speed Controller FAL 33054 $110-120
    another $20 in wires, connectors,shrink wrap, weatherstripping, brackets, hardware, solder

    I have this in my car and with a Champion 3 core alum radiator the temp never gets over A even in 90 degree weather in S FLA- with U/D pulleys and the A/C on.

    There are a few good install writeups on this setup. One on this site and also

  7. You don't even need the pigtail. Just us a wire connector and some shrink wrap. I used a male/female set so I don't have to cut any wire to remove the shroud.
  8. I went with the Cougar/Contour Fan along with the FAL Variable Speed Controller.
  9. I am using a Flex-A-Lite Veriable Speed Controller with my Contour/Cougar fans. These are very easy to set up.
  10. +1 for the Lincoln Mark viii, Contour, Taurus etc. I still have the mechanical fan in my Vert but I've done my share of research on this and NO ONE who has one of those fans has said anything bad about them whatsoever.
  11. I'd put it up on ebay for $75- they sell for $90- and take the proceeds and buy the FAL33054. I don't think it is made to handle the amps from a Taurus fan and is not a variable speed controller.

    The one you bought

  12. Mkviii fan or taurus fan all the way
  13. I second the fal 33054 or a dcc controller like i have
  14. Anybody installed one of the Delta PAG's brushless cooling fans? It seems this is the only brushless game in town. Shopping around before the weather gets hot. This looks like the highest tech fan I'v ever seen. Kit comes with controller, wiring, everything. Anybody installed one?
  15. It looks nice but doesn't move a whole lot of air. Certainly not as much as my Taurus or MKVII fans. Plus it's almost $400.


    Their features include a "self cooling" capability, where the fan cools itself while operating, ensuring a long operating life of 50,000 hours or more--longer than any other electric cooling fan; an electronic control module (ECM) that communicates with the temperature/speed controller, and also combines mil-spec and Grade O components (to ensure the highest performance and longevity) with an easily-replaceable modular design.

    Other features include adjustability from 1,000 CFM to 2,800 CFM; an operating life of 50,000 hours (or more!)--ten times longer than conventional electric fans; plus "Soft Start" technology that eliminates power spikes.

    Read more: http://blogs.moparmusclemagazine.co...rushless-electric-cooling-fans/#ixzz2srN1lPod
  16. The Ford Mark VII only moves 2,700 CFM based on some real world numbers on the following link. Delta PAG pull 2,800 CFM

    Also you need to put a huge relay and fuses on this monster, not very efficient and its likely that the relay, fuses or bushes will leave you stranded, right? I dont know man... regarding the price... $350ish, I think, it comes with all the electronics and sensors. If you add up all the stuff needed to make that Mark VII work properly (relays, fuses, controller, harness & fan) its going to cost about the same and you still have an unreliable brushed motored fan.