Got my FF on3performance turbo kit!

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  1. I haven't been on here in a while, your car is frickin awesome!! I have been spending quite a bit of money lately also. Putting together my own build! Finally graduated and making real money! So far:
    • 03' 302 stroker w/mod max assembly capable of 900 hp arp everything w/8 rib conversion, innovations 10% harmonic,
    • Stage 1 ported PI heads with ferrea valves with PI cams
    • D1sc 12 psi
    • fluidyne radiator
    • Logan motorsports front style intake with 03 cobra LFP big mouth throttle body
    • upgrading fuel system with 03 cobra tank with divisionX dual hat w/walbro 342 pumps -10an feed -8an return
    • PMAS HPX maf with 60# injectors
    Should have pictures up soon, starting teardown in next couple weeks.
  2. Quick question for those with the On3 kits... What are you doing about emissions? I'm curious because I see the Y pipe but no cats or 02's...
  3. damn sounds like its going to be a BA build!!!! im working on my E85 fuel system now, sumped tank, A1000 pump, 80lb injector, -10 feed to a Y block, -8 to each rail, MMR regulator, then a -8 return also!

    whats emissions??? lol im in florida and we have no type of inspection here. nothing! im sure you could add a cat in the exhaust system in needed in you area, but cats will kill the spool and add way to much back prerssure for a turbo
  4. Yeah, unfortunately North Carolina has been increasing their emissions inclusive counties for years. They finally got me in Johnston County so if I have any type of CEL when they run my OBD II test, they fail...
  5. Damn, that sounds pretty strict rejekt.

    Good work with the kits. I've heard so many bad things about them, but it really looks like a nice kit, these days. Guess I'll have to reassess. Looks like it's come a long way from the $1k kit it used to be. The flex pipe is the one point I can see that I'd still be concerned about. I've seen guys post that they frayed and caused excessive back pressure that killed the exhaust valves. Why use it? Looks like it'd be easy enough to connect with solid tube.

    Another question I'm wondering is why did you end up going with a 76 if you're only looking for 525rwhp? Do you have ideas about running more power in the future? I think the MPT70 is the right price, spools super quick on a 4.6-5.0 and should make upwards of 700 to the wheels. Just curious, and I'm looking forward to seeing where your 76 spools. I'm also running a 76 on my 331 and dynoed a best of 762 rwhp at 15 psi.
  6. Yeah, NC is strict now. They have to plug into your OBD and run all the tests and do a visual inspection. So even if you have the rear o2's turned off with a tune, they still show "not ready" which fails. I did email On3 and talked with them about the situation. We came to the conclusion that I could use a lap joint clamp to put a cat in for the visual test and remove it afterwards and replace with a piece of pipe. Also, will have to run MIL eliminators on the rear o2's so it will show that everything is ok. Good news is all the bungs are welded up so on the FF kit.

    BTW On3 has been spot on with their communication so far. Very impressed.
  7. yea i deffently plan to turn it up more in the future!! and i dont mind if it is alittle laggy now, it is the P-trim 65mm turbine wheel with a .96 AR . and i do rev the car to 7000 rpms
  8. cool. Do you have any way to measure back pressure? I have a 102mm turbine wheel with a T4 flange and am seeing almost 3:1. I think my problem lies elsewhere, but I'd be interested to hear what kind of back pressure you have with that wheel.
  9. are you sure about a 102mm turbine wheel???? i dont think thats correct? what size down pipe are u runing off the turbo? most people with 4.6-5.0 run between a 65-68mm turbine wheel with a 3" down pipe.

    have any pics of the turbo?
  10. Thanks for the correction. It's an 84mm turbine. It's an HP kit with a 3.5" downpipe into dual 3" pipes with the Dynomax Ultraflow race magnums straight through pipes out back.

    I think that the problem can't be on that side. It seems like it has to be on the intake side, and I'm beginning to suspect that the filter supplied by HP is way too restrictive.
    Here's the pic you asked for:

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  11. ok 84 sounds right! yea, you should have no problem with back pressure on that setup!

    this is a local guy i know, its a 331 car with the identical turbo i have t76 P trim (65mm exhaust wheel) and the car runs well into the 9's with a c4

  12. That's stout as hell, bud! 141 mph is cookin' with butane :D The thing I love best about turbo setups is how streetable/tame they are. I've taken my car on a 4 hour one way trip, it's gone through traffic jams in 100+* humid Columbus, GA heat with the A/C blowing. I'm going to try to tame the loudness of the fuel pump, and the idle drone. The cam is only a 228/[email protected]". You don't need a big cam to make big power with these cars. So, once the exhaust and fuel pump are quieted, and some heavier tint so the cage isn't so clear, I think it could pass for just another fox..... one day.
  13. getting there! i just got the vmp 05+ slot MAF and flange, and i have all the fuel system parts except the lines, im going to get some work done this weekend!

    i got a little delayed but a small mishap witch caused me to get 17 stitches in my arms, 9 in my right, 8 in my left. so that held me up a little:mad:
  14. got the tank out, stock pump and all the bs out of the way, and got the sump mocked up and centered on the tank, hopefully get some welding done on it tomorrow :nice:
  15. yeah. that just happened to me here in ohio 3 days ago... i sent the ohio bmv well over 10k worth of receipts and proof that i have a DD so hopefully they will issue me collector plates. I did not realize that they tested the ecu for rear 02's... i just had it dyno tuned on monday (and asked my tuner to turn off my rear 02's even tho i have mil elim's just in case they failed), swapped my o/r h-pipe for my catted x-pipe for the visual and took it to e-check. when they hooked up their scanner it said "not ready" which caused it to fail. they are such d-bags that they wouldnt tell me what the problem was... probably downstream 02's since they were shut off.

    emissions testing is complete BS. every car i have ever owned has had some sort of problem with e-check at some point. imho the tree huggers who care about the environment enough to come up with those rules can go back to sitting bare foot indian style in the woods and can continue to eat their granola and drive their hybrids... while they are doing that, i will enjoy my bud light, steak, greasy hamburgers, and my mustang. even if they deny my application for collector plates, i will find a work around, and when that happens, i will switch my x-pipe back out for my pollution causing o/r h pipe and i will make it a point to stop at the local hippie coffeeshop with my wife who will be wearing something made out of real animal pelts, while i rev my car next to the local hybrid...

    rant out... sorry, im still a lil sore about my VERY recent experience.

    anyway, cant wait to see some numbers with the on3 kit... when do you expect it to be ready to tune? also, how did you end up getting stitches in your arms?
  16. UPDATE! :D

    well got the tank almost done today, got all the stock junk out, sump welded on, cover cut!



    VMP HPX mass air! 05+ slot style

    Aeromotive A1000, and seimens deka 80lb injectors


    and if you noticed the small street tires on the car, dont worry! i sold my 15x8 rims with the worn out goodyear DR's, and im going with a 15x10 5.5 inch back space, racestars! the new direct drilled ones just came out so im waiting for them to get here! no more unilug! and i picked up there 275/60/15 nitto's from a buddy for $100 bucks! only a few passes on them, and btw ive never been a fan on nitto's but i couldn't pass them up for 100 bucks


  17. DAMN! Your not playing around!
  18. If your going with a 10" wide wheel, you need a 6.5" back spacing, not 5.5".
  19. the rear is fox body witdth:nice:

    here a sn95 with fox body width rear and 10' rims with a 5.5bs


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