Idle/Rev Clips Post 'em Up!

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  1. Here ya go.

    BBK Ceramic Shoties - 2.5" to 40 Series Flows - dumped

    I dont have this setup any more, i now have: Hooker Ceramic Coated Longtubes, 2" primaries, with 3.5" Collector, no video though....

    YouTube - 408w First Start - New Cam
  2. :drool: :nice:
  3. Thanks, waiting to get my new transmission so i can start it up with the new setup...

  4. waits for video :popcorn:
  5. sounds great
  6. HA, The new Mighty Mite C4 is in the car. I'm waiting to get my header adapter plates from being water-jet so I can install them. This is going be the hardest part I have installed yet on the mustang, those 2" primaries are just ridiculous.

    Stay tuned....

  7. Here ya go, all done ready for the track once again... Sounds mean

    YouTube - 408w Ford Mustang Idle and Rev

  8. had a problem with gas shooting out of my fuel bowl vent so I pulled out the needle

    View attachment 258831

    and unlodged this obstructing the needle from seating, tiny little piece of fishing line type debris :fuss:

    View attachment 258832

    but anyways, heres a clip before getting new exhaust installed tomorrow :nice:

    Getting tailpipes put on, tired of the dumps (mind numbing drone) had to move my holley blue fuel pump to make room for the tailpipes. I ended up mounting it where the factory fuel filter usually is

    View attachment 258833

    will post a vid tomorrow of the new exhaust :D
  9. Anyone running a Dr. gas off road X with a Mac Catback? (with tailpipes)
  10. Thanks Bro! your car sounds simliar to mine love that cam:D
  11. Sounds Great real thumpy:nice: