lebanon valley wednesday nite

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  1. I'll be up this coming week. My father is up from Texas, So I'll drag him along.
  2. need to work on the car before next Sunday and my first foray into Heavy Eliminator so maybe for once it won't rain, because I'm not there, I'll take one for the team. Check out the pictures I took this weekend in the other thread I started. Some great wheelie pictures, suitable for wallpapers or turning them into T-shirts, like I did. LMK what you think, I'm no photog, just shows what you can do with an atuomatic these days. If you like any, I can email you the full resolution masters.

    - 04_snake
  3. Boy what a night. got knocked out 2nd round tonight. After Pure Street was over went to test and tune.... best of the night was a 14.1 but every one was slow.thick air. only two rows of cars tonight. left at 8:30 and already had 9 runs. no time for the car to cool off, the minute you pulled in line it was time to go agian. it was great.
    Jay(jason) with the STI dipped into the 12s I believe, but was running slower then normal all night otherwise.was a good night overall. NOTHING BROKE.
  4. 04_snake, whereabouts in NY are you? I go to lebanon every now and then, just wanted to know if i saw you once or twice..
  5. if you have been to the track on Weds nights, I have been to about half of them, other wise I am from the opposite corner of Rensselaer County, north of troy.
  6. and i still haven't seen you yet :bang:
  7. I went over to spectate the other night and was surprised to see such a small turnout. It made me want to run home and get my car. Hopefully I will be there on the 20th with some buddies from CT and their Mach's.

    Trying to get in the low 13's that night with drag radials
  8. I had to take one for the team this week, if I had shown up, it would have rained for sure, as it was it rained in all directions around there and at my house, so I worked on my car instead. Weds might not be in my future, you might have to stop over Sundays to watch me bracket race like this Sunday, but if there is a perfect Wednesday night, I'm sure I'll have to take a ride over. Next week I might go because the 17th I'm bringing the boss to NH to watch the NASCAR boys, so I won't be able to race that Sunday and I'm sure I won't be able to make it 2 weeks without smelling burning rubber.

    did you go over this week?
  9. i have been up only twice (maybe 3?) times this year. I'm trying not to spend money on nitrous anymore so i can put that money towards turbo parts. Im goin away for a week the 17-23. i think that week i come back ill be there the wednesday night.....that is if the weather is nice.
  10. those are the special nights, where it is raining in Albany and/or it is raining in Pittsfield, but dry for most or all the night in the "Valley". Unlimited runs for anybody and everybody that is brave enough to show up.
    I got drenched the week before so I was Balk..Balk..Squalk
    ...chicken myself.
  11. Just in case everybody is not aware, there is no LVD test-N-tune tonight, July 13 because Monster trucks are at the speedway. There is a rental Friday, which is $70 for all the hot laps your car can handle. I am thinking about playing hooky from work this week if the weather improves, but tonight I'm prolly going to roll out to the "Lot" at the Kohl's plaza in Colonie if anyone wants to meet up with some Stang muscle.

    - 04_snake
  12. Well im on vacation next week so i decided that i will go up wednesday July 27. I WANT A 12 SEC TIMESLIP. lol

  13. Yup small turn out. Like I said I got 9 runs in by 8 pm and had to leave because I was getting low on gas

  14. I might be interested if you havn't already sold the setup...
    drop me a line
    [email protected]
  15. Mwahha ha ha ha.. Looking to add a little of the Franken Juice Huh? Cool.
  16. More power is always good. Super charger still too far out of reach. Should realy be more concerned with gears first, but who ever said i did things the right way has no idea
  17. Last night was packed. Only got 4 runs in. It was a good learning experience for me, though. Learned that my car has 12 second potential and that I couldn't do a burnout to save my life with drag radials. With some more practice I should get a 12 second slip next week. Hope it won't be as packed

    13.3 @ 104 60' 2.03

    down from a

    14.1 @ 104 60' 2.6 range
  18. congrats, nice time considering the air wasn't so cool!
  19. Just got back from vacation today.

    I should be up there this wednesday.

    Oh sorry, the nitrous is going back to the freind i bought it from. That is unless i decide to be turbo and nitrous....... :crazy: