lebanon valley wednesday nite

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  1. we are there, I don't trailer though, drive it up and switch tires so if the weather is iffy, I'm not sure if I want to get rained on for the 4th time but we are clearing out our calendar with the intention to go tomorrow, do you need me to bring something other than the movie camera or something? PM me if do. See you there, make a point of finding us in the pits, paved area right near the new trailer bathrooms, as you drive by the tower and bear left to drive down the lane, look right for the red snake, we are always in the same place, I like the pavement to use my jack on.
  2. Well our young hero was victorious, not only smoking anyone who lined up against him last night in the 90*/100% humidity....

    but he got his 12!!!!!!! TWICE!!!! 12.92 and 12.99 unbelievable!

    but he had some issues with tech and scammed his way to run two 12 sec passes with the NOS which was supposed to be detached. nice work and congrats. here is a quick version of his in car movie of the first run of the day for him (12.92) which I am not done with. I haven't even started on the second pass where he gets busted at the line and still shoots the happy juice!! it is classic.

    well here is the early cut of pass one:Kyle shoots the NOS for a 12.92
  3. Kyle were you able to see the movie? I'll finish the 2nd one with some stuff added and post the uncut versions and pm you the links, OK. been a bit busy.
  4. Hey i just got back from a small 3 day vacation.

    YES!!! the video worked great for me and it was great. Thanks so much.
  5. the second one when the guy busts you at the line is so good, I need to give it my proper attention and I just finished 5 days from he11. I will work on it and upload a nice edited version of your second 12 sec run, plus just the raw footage of both of them so you can have you buddy do some other treatments and PM you the link.

    what kind of music are you into, I'll try and slip some in if you have a preference. rock, hip hop, whatever I probably have something on CD that will work.
  6. Cool i forgot there was more than one video :lol:

    You dont have worry about the music, the sound of my engine is good enough for me :D . Thanks again.
  7. consider it done, I'll do it later 2nite

    first I need to post my two new movies 11.41 qual :)

    and 11.46 breakout hitting the brakes sunday. :(

    I uploaded them today, just need to post a thread.

    I went hillbilly and stuffed a couple of airbags in my rear springs and it seemed to hook better, but I need more passes, the track could have been really good Sunday, I was getting killer 60 fts, two 1.6's and a 1.70. :banana:

    thats why I offered the music, to cover up the death rattle from applying the juice...

    just kidding, it was mean. You da man, el natural it is
  8. I got the Motts! here is the second pass of Kyle's a 12.99 and it is hilarious, he gets busted for his NOS bottle at the line. Now I tried to create a masterpiece, but when I converted it I made it just a touch too large for my hosting service. You need to right click, save and then unzip it on your PC and run the movie after it is unpacked. the zip is only ever so slightly smaller, so I only missed by a hair.

    comments and congrats to kyle are encouraged!

    Kyle get BUSTED at the tree, runs a 12.99 (zip file)

    if you missed the first 12.92 pass here is that link again, if you right click and save, just give it some time, I tried to preserve resolution so they are LARGE
    Kyle gets his 12 (12.92)
  9. hahaha YES another great vid. Thanks again.

    Also congrats on the new best:worship:
    i sense even lower times for you in the future

    and get that 11.4 video loaded up already :D
  10. here you go, 11.4 x 2
    11.41 Qual run
    second run was 11.46, while standing on the brakes at the line :shrug:
    11.64 Breakout eliminator
    who knows how fast this sucker is but here is a before and after the air bags are installed, what a diif in how much it dips down in the rear!!!

    the diff is obvious, damn
  11. It definately lifts the snot out of the front end. once we get some cooler days im sure those times will go down.
  12. Yeah with the bags in there is even less, maybe 1/2" of the front tire still on the ground and the suspension is fully extended!

    you didn't go last night did you? I couldn't make it ,too much stuff to do and I am racing tomorrow with the jet car, night of fire event and regular Sunday points racing, so I had to get stuff done, just curious how many wrecks they had??

    Kyle were you able to get download copies of both your movies? I can post the unedited raw footage if you want to do your own treatment, but I only threw away a little. I won't be offended, I know my sense of humour might be a bit dated due to my senior citizen status. LMK bud, OK.
  13. Was anybody there last wed. when the CRX and the Monte Carlo crashed?
  14. yep me and 04_snake were there. that was some delay.
  15. do you know what happened? Did you see that blue turbo mustang(might've been a capri) that blew off a 9.1 at like 155 or somethin?

  16. The turbo car was a capri with a 87-93 fox front clip on it. It sure was wicked.

    I'm pretty sure the accident was the monte started to make the turn at the 1st turn off and the crx was going to keep going to the 2nd exit but broadsided him. I think thats what happened.
  17. kyle...its anish you know the kid with the white 99 s/c gt that looks like a v6 lol

    congrats on your 12 second pass....

    dude let me know when you are going up next...i'd like to join ya...my car is ready for the track.
  18. Hey Stu yea i got all the vids on my computer now and its all great :nice:

    Anish...im not gonna be racing my car until the turbo is done(next spring), so anytime i go the rest of this year will be to spectate. But whenver you want to go give me a call!
  19. show up this Wed, weather looks cooler, I'm going up. Just be careful, you might like it so much, you'll get addicted. he.he.he... easier than you think.

    Anyone else planning on going up tomorrow night?
  20. Bracket Racing Blues

    Last Friday night, as part of the Night Of Fire festivities, the Heavy Eliminator class set up a 32 car bracket race. Top 32 R/T's would make it in, however when the weather lowered the Super E entrants, all 42 Heavies were put into the first round and all I had to do is make it two rounds to be the featured racing in between the jet car freak show. Running a 11.61 on a 11.60 dial with a stick in a street car would have made me happy if I was given a choice, but it wasn't good enough, DAMN this stuff is tuff!