Long Tube HEADERS?? which best....

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  1. Which long tube headers give you the most bang for your buck. I am thinking of puttint the Mac Prochamber made for long tube headers. Im not sure yet if it can fit any other long tube headers than the MAC. But i am just wondering, which long tube headers will give me the most power. Ive seen the JBA for 700.00, and BBK for 550.00. Anyother ones out there???:SNSign:
  2. :Word: ;)
  3. Best bang for the buck are Flowtechs. I like mine as they were 280 to the door and fit fine.
  4. didnt even read that. Not Kooks, they go for $800-ish. Probably the best quality you will find, with SLP running a close 2nd. Best bang for your buck IMO would be BBK Ceramic LT's.
    :shrug: There's really not one given power gain that each set of headers will give you. There are too many factors that can affect power gains.
  5. lmao i didnt read the first line either.

    best bang for the buck would have to be Flowtech.
  6. anyone know a good website?
  7. just remember your saving money, but when it comes time to change the clutch...your losing money.
  8. That is why the flowtechs and Hookers allow them to be intact and they offer clearance to drop the trans for the clutch ;)
  9. hedmanns 219.00.. they also allow you to drop the trans without clearance problems.
  10. Are you an auto or 5-speed? Some headers will not fit Autos (BBK). Kooks are around $1,200/ SLP (i have them) are $1,000. I don't know about the rest. Whatever you do though get them coated. Extends the life of the headers.
  11. exactly. and kooks and slp. i just wanted him to consider that.
  12. Wow thats a huge price difference... is there major reasoning to not go with Flowtech?
  13. SLP are 683.95 from mustangtuning, and last time i checked kooks were around 995
  14. its all personal preference really. The Flowtechs use a slip-fit collector which a lot of people have had exhaust leak issues with, thats why Im staying away from them. There is a fix involving a band clamp and sealant, but I want something thats gonna work right from the second its installed. Nothing against flowtech at all.

    And if im not mistaken, SLP LTs arent tranny/clutch friendly. If they were I'd be all over them. Kooks, Flowtechs, Hooker are, but Im pretty sure SLP requires removal of the passenger side header :shrug:
    getting mine for $790 :nice:
  15. if you are worried about bang for your buck, Long tubes might not be the best idea for you

    as stated, there are too many different things to keep in mind. For example, unless you get Kooks, or hookers when you do the clutch or need to drop the tranny the headers have to come off. you are looking at 4 or 5 hours of work alone.

    on our cars unfortunatley its a big job. You get what you pay for
  16. hmmm you may be right, i had just heard that they were. whoooo knowwwssss