1. Really, Ziebart here in Indy tinted my windows. They told me otherwise. How strange.
  2. no unless they've changed the law recently. but i can't imagine them making it less strict.

  3. i wasn't mentioned?! :( :notnice:
  4. neither was I :notnice:
  5. because you drive A GM!
    just kidding hhaa, your GTP coudl dust us all.
    i was trying to rmember everyone by their avatar, and since u changed urs, u were among the couple of people i could not remember.
    i apoligize chaos. i'll do one for you

    Chaos is cool but hes the oddball that drives a GTP yet likes to talk about 3.8 mustangs
  6. and you too!
    c'mon ppl its not like im popular or anything, give me a break i got bad memory!.
    good thing we aren't the 5.0L forums. i'd have a brain hemorage trying to remember everyone. haha
  7. The tint was already on my stang when I bought it. I got it off of some people who live somewhere out in the boonies of Ky. My guess...either the laws on window tint in Ky are different than in Ohio or the pervious owner didn't care. I like the looks of it and it makes driving in bright sunlight and at night easier. (it blocks the cars' headlights behind me.) I have been warned once and the officer actually tested it. I guess I'll just keep pressing my luck till I get a ticket and then I'll wish I had taken it off.
  8. :stupid:
  9. Must've been way down past Crittenden (if you listen to WEBN, you know what I"m talking about). I bought a car in KY, and yes....their laws are different than Ohio's. They allow 35% tinting on ALL windows from what I understand. Sorry, I don't have a KY law book here with me. I do know there are plenty of cases of people buying cars in KY, moving to OH and having to strip the tint.

    Yeah, it looks better, but, in my opinion, it ain't worth the ticket.
  10. Well, there was only room for one smartass, and he cant really list amateurs when theres a professional around. :shrug:
  11. 50resto lists the convertible hardtop weatherstrip. i'm pretty sure that's where i've seen the top in the past, but idon't see it listed. you may try calling them. they might have a damaged one???

  12. lol. thats cause i used to have a 2000 5spd V6 'stang. :)
  13. why'd ya ditch it. not enouh balls?
    too impractical?

    ya know my cousin has the same car as you, cept the 2door version, they look pretty cool, hes got the limited edition or watever with the chrome wheels and stuff.

    if those things were offered with a 5spd and were made as a RWD, it would be primo.

    now that I tihnk about it, instad of bringing back the GTO, GM should've just stuck the LS1 inside the 2door GP body and offer a v8 trim. but liek i said for that to work, it would be best if the v6 trim was already offered as RWD. the GTO looks very similar anyway.

    on another note, who here tihnks the current gen monte carlo shou'dve been RWD!?! i do.
  14. okay.......so whatever happened to the newbie?

  15. Our local ricer ran her off.
  16. No I'm still here!
    I posted a question in the tech forum about my exhaust. I hope it gets here today. I ordered it Wednesday. :D I'm all excited about it.

  17. And I hope my cam gets here soon. I just want to look at it. And be happy knowing I'll be faster than a GT by the end of this summer... assuming all goes according to plan. :D

  18. mine is the 2-dr version. :p

    that's all the GTO is to me, a slightly-altered version of the GP with RWD and a 6spd. That's it. It's nothing like what the old Goat's used to be like. It doesn't scream MUSCLE car either like the old GTOs did, and that's what the were known for... :notnice:
  19. thats what i really like about the new GTO. i love the look of my dads 02 GP GT, i only wish it had an 8 and RWD then it woluld be bad ass. and since i love the way your body style GP looks i love the GTO. it will be cool when the GTO Judge comes out with the LS6 engine in it.

    anyways welcome to the forums, i have a feeling you will be sucked in like nobodys business. there are a lot of leg humpers here, since i been here you are the first chick i have seen on the sixer forums
  20. welcome :)

    there are actually a handfull of girls in the 6 forums