Please Post Your Gas Mileage

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  1. ours is pretty bad 12.**but the newness has not worn off and we do all city gas smashing there is less then 300 miles on the car so I'm sure it will get much better as we start driving a bit more sensible.
  2. I just got back from a 200 mile trip. I got 28.9 MPG. That compares to 14.5 on average in town.
  3. My in and around town mileage varies drastically depending upon how I am driving. HOWEVER, I am able to get 29-31+ MPG with cruise control set and going anywhere from 60-70 MPH, and around 27-29MPG when I am cruising at 71-80. Best I have gotten is 31.4 @ 60 on a flat road.
  4. I'm getting anywhere from 16.4 - 17.3 mpg. my average speed is 30-33 mph - not enough highway driving to get where I need to go, I seem to spend most of my time in 25 mph zones. plus I can't help but mash that pedal!
    BTW GT w/ manual
  5. Is that a 63 or 64 Vette in the reflection? Why is the PT Looser in the Garage while the Mustang is banished to the outside? (I am qualified to call a PT Looser by that name because I have been driving an 01 since new as a company car, not slandering you). Mine is outside while the stang is inside. I'm afraid to check the milage in the Stang.
  6. Our average on the dash is up to 15.1 but I am still a little disapointed with the fuel economy.
    edit:Just got gas and reset all the info on the dash and so far the new average is at 16.4 but I did see over 21 for a bit on the highway.
  7. I recently took a trip from Tampa-Cape Coral-Pompano Beach-West Palm Beach and back to Tampa. Right at 525 miles, average speed 75mph (cruise was set at 75 for most of the trip, though there were a few blasts up to 115, and the cruise set at 95mph), AC on all the time. Average MPG on the computer was 20.5 MPG :D Not bad for 330hp with 4.10's!
  8. I'm getting around 23.5 commuting between southern Maryland and DC. Probably would be better if I didn't step on it from time to time. I pretty satisfied with the mileage.
  9. My around town mileage is worse than ever now-about 15 mpg. However, as others have mentioned, I absolutely cannot resist ripping into the throttle (while keeping within the speed limits) even when just going in 35 mph zones. The engine just sounds too nice. The last time I made a trip on the freeway over 100 miles I averaged around 28 mpg while going about 70 mph-not bad if you ask me!
  10. You're looking at it the wrong way. The PT has been banished to the cold, dark garage :lol: so the Stang can get driven and bask in the limelight.:nice: What's the point in buying one otherwise?:shrug:
  11. With a mix of city and urban interstate driving, I have been getting between 19 to 21 MPG. My driving style is a bit quick and aggressive, as I usually get right up to speed when I am accelerating.

    In mostly suburban and city driving, it's more like 15-16 MPG. I've not had any long road trips yet, but I would estimate it would get mid 20's in an all interstate scenario.
  12. Our recent trip to the coast was great at that 31.6 @ 70 on the interstate. I am very pleased.
    I do seem to average about 26mpg.
  13. At my last fillup, the car averaged 23.4 MPG with a little more highway driving involved. At one point, the gauge indicated 27.5 MPG while averaging 70MPH.
  14. I've got about 3000 miles on my '06 GT and am averaging around 18.5mpg. These are mostly hwy miles - hopefully that'll get better when I stop accelerating faster than normal from stops ;)
  15. Can't get off of 15.8 MPG. Two lane road to work 20 mi round trip. Hwy driving doesn't count since I avg 115MPH from one side of the city to the other and 135MPH outside the city. Kinda throws MPG out the window, ya know? :D
  16. You've got a similar problem as I have.:D On two lane roads, every time I look down, I'm doin 80 mph. Unless I set the cruise, I hardly ever see less. :rlaugh: I've taken to driving the interstate to work, simply to avoid getting speeding tickets. Only time I now drive the two lane is when I get off at 3-4 am. Then the highway belongs to me.;) :nice:
  17. OK, just hit 2 grand on the odometer last night, filled up and got 20 mpg. That's the best so far:D , the worst was when I put some Wally-World gas last week. Performance fell off noticeably as well as the mileage (14 mpg) I think I'm gonna report the local Wally world gas station as well. My kid filled my V8 Ranger there with what was "supposed" to be premium. That stuff ran like crap as well, so bad that I thought I had tuning issues. I replaced all the ignition parts and still had problems.:shrug: Finally removed the center carb and drained it into a clear cup. Looked like gas, but damn sure wasn't premium.:nono:
  18. Just filled up my car, to beat the creeping up gas prices again, and noticed the best MPG so far. My manual calculations came up to 25.5 MPG while the Info center indicated 25.4 MPG. Although most of this was highway driving, about 70%, I think it was pretty good for a V-8.
  19. Hi-Have 10,800 miles on my 05 Redfire GT. (Auto) best mileage 22.8, worst mileage 18.1. I went after a Porsche going up a long hill and caught up to him...teehee. He snuck around me because he could cut in and out of traffic. I showed him AMERICA still HAS IT!
  20. yeah i get an astounding 14.9 in city pretty consistantly with my Gt-5speed. i think i have a pretty heavy foot and i only drive 1.5mi to school everyday and then some in city driving rarely ever on the hwy. But see its ok for me to get 15mpg because i mean how many miles do i drive??? haha exactlyyy but then you gotta have some joyriding, like everyday. But i tried to get the best milage i could one day going to a function around 50mi away. i averaged 30.8 mpg!!!!!! in a gt.. then once i knew i COULD get good gas milage.. i started to floor it because i wanted to see what is the worst milage i could get.. first day she got in the odometer was reading 9mpg.. not even kidding. hahah yeah so now im right in the middle at 15