Post Custom Interior Pics

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  1. upon closer inspection mine are the same as well but i will have to spray some 3m adhesive to mine.
  2. You are just talking about the seat bottom right? Mine has too much foam IMHO and i think i'll need to remove some to get it to sit slightly lower.

    I picked up the clips from the boneyard needed to secure it. I'm just wondering what sort of material to use to build up the front. I don't want to use wood, but it's cheap and easy
  3. here is what i did but i don't know what clips you are talking about i need to figure out how to mount this seat down the road.
    here is some pics




  4. The front of the SN95 seat bottom should have two small posts sticking down. There are clips that these posts slide into that lock it down.

    What i was gonna do was use a cut peice of wood as the header and then mount the two clips on top. Another option is to go to a boneyard and cut out the metal part i need for the seat and weld it in lik ebelow


    Here is how i was gonna do it with wood (not my car)