Project "Face Off": 1980 Mercury Capri aero to four eye Progress Thread!

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  1. This project is gonna be F-ing sweet!
    I say you create a list of items you need so everyone can keep a look out for them. Capri parts are damn hard to find so the more people who are watching, the better!
  2. Ah, well, it's the thought that counts. Thank you. :)

    I hope they didn't crush it.
    That is a great idea. I'll make a list when I get home or tomorrow. I'm going after those SVO sail panels tomorrow... :drool:
  3. Well, I can give a list of what it needs (at a minimum):

    1. Four-eye front bumper fascia and bumper support
    2. Related four-eye lights and lenses
    3. Hood
    4. Side molding trim (at least for the front and rear fenders)
    5. Rear bumper

    Optional extras (IMO):

    1. ALL side molding trim, front to back
    2. The almighty sail panel windows (and trim)
    3. Tail lenses (bear in mind it originally was an '80, so her ex chopped holes in the body behind the lenses to fit the '90 tails on there ... grrrr ... but the '79-'82 lenses should still fit)
    4. Hood scoop
    5. RS bumper airdam and side skirts
    6. Complete four-eye interior

    Problem with the sail panel windows is I believe they hacked the body to make the later-model windows fit, so I don't think she can go back to the older four-eye sail panels because the opening is enlarged - there would be some fancy welding and crap involved. The Stangnet stickers over the Mustang logos work fine for the time being, IMO. :shrug:
  4. hey if you need any more parts my friend has a capri rs it was the turbo version thats getting ready to go the crusher all the body panels are there , just figured it might help you , someone was supposed to buy the front clip but it still might be availiable
  5. Hey franky, its been a long time girl.

    As for your sail panels, On my 82 drag car I installed the later model windows, as they were the only ones I had of course. Pretty much everything lined up enough to make them hold on, and there was no cutting involved. So I think you will be able to install your sail panels with ease. I can take pictures, however the cars a coupe, but you'll get the idea. Hope it helps
  6. I guess you learn something new everyday.... I thought all of em had the bubble hatch from the factory??
  7. I thought the coupes had different wheels. :scratch:
  8. Can you get some pictures of it for me? :)
    Speaking of Sail panels and quarter windows... :banana:
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    Nope. :D
  9. What kind of spoiler are you going to use?
  10. Either the Saleen one that's on it now or one of these...



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  11. My old neighbor had an 80 Capri when I was about 15. I actually prefer the body lines of the Capri to the Mustangs but they are hard to find.

    But anyways, I have an 86 Mustang parts car. If there is anything that you need pm me. Not much there in the way of interior but there are some small misc stuff.
  12. Lynn when you change that nose it will more than likely NOT want to line up height wise. It wants to sit low. Like so low that the next time it rains in Arizona (2010) it will create a waterfall.

    Beat the crap out of it!!! NO MERCY!!! MAKE IT YOUR *&^%$!!! :chair:


  13. Sweet, I'll keep that in mind. :)
    K :)

    I remember when we were installing the aero nose on the car. Yeah, it was a **** and my Ex threatened to kill the car several times. :lol:
  14. Quarter window trim primed courtesy of Darkwriter77. :D


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  15. This project's gonna rock! :rock:
  16. I should be able to find the 3 piece duck tail spoiler cheap. I'll pm you when I find one, if your interested.

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  17. I have one of those three piece ducktail spoilers boxed up in my parents basement, but I'm kind of leaning toward using it and putting a LED chmsl in the window... I dont know yet.

    But I'm trying to make a open track/street car and maybe I could use something more a little more functional like a Saleen or Steeda wing.:shrug:

    Decisions decisions... :bang:
  18. I have a 3 piece spoiler in storage somewhere...
  19. Yes, let me know... :nice: