Project "Face Off": 1980 Mercury Capri aero to four eye Progress Thread!

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  1. Quarter window/sail panel installation:

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    ...and it ends there because I need the trim over the door. :lol: :fuss:

    Aero windows were put back on. Next Friday I'll go to the junk yard and get the window trim off that SVO or one of the two Capris.

    Need to paint the area around the windows too.

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  2. Well, the sail panels are in place and everything, I just need to finish painting the over-the-door trim and then poke it on sometime next weekend. It was a major PITA that took up pretty much the whole damned day, mostly having to fart around with scraping off old sealant goop and put on the new stuff. IMO it would've looked better with Capri sails, as I don't see the point in replacing Mustang parts with Mustang parts if the idea is to make it back into a Capri ... and even then, the inside edge of the interior sail panel would still be showing because the 1990 interior panels have smaller openings for the quarter windows. Oh well ... not my car, and this was what she wanted, so as long as she's happy, then ... meh. :shrug:

    I don't have any pics of the whole deal put together since I ran out of daylight and had to finish this mess in the dark, but here's what it looked like when I mocked everything up (minus the glass) before painting the trim bits and so on. Just imagine the finished product as looking the same, except more clean n' shiny and with less tools and junk laying around. :D Also, I painted the blue parts underneath that are showing around the edges, so it's all black and it all matches now ... well, at least from a distance of about 20 feet, it does. :shrug:

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  3. It's not like an '82 Mustang GT nose on there instead of a Capri nose. It's only sail panels.

    *feels like an ass now*

    I think they look good on Capris.

    Thank you, anyway.


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  4. I like em alot Lynn!! :nice:
  5. Thank you. I like em too. It still needs the trim around the doors and the interior piece needs to be replaced but here's a couple pics. :)

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  6. I think it looks killer :nice: Thats a nice subtle change that real Fox nuts will notice but be ignored by others. It makes the car much more personel to me :shrug:

    Dave, get back to work! :fuss:
  7. :lol:

    I guess part of the reason why I wanted Mustang sail panels is because it's a subtle reminder that what still beats under the hood of this CAPRI is the heart of a MUSTANG. :hail2:

  8. Now that I've seen the Satin black or flat black or whatever it was he used to touch up the blue, I kinda like it. Might have to convince him to use that when we repaint it. :drool:
  9. If you repaint that car satin or flat then I will be forced to kill you :mad:
    I wana see it a nice glossy black, go to Mayco if you have to!
    Also, Lynn, you have hairy man arms :hide:
  10. This is a sick project :nice:
  11. I know but, the arms in the pic is Dave's. :lol:
    Thanks. :nice:
  12. Oh, then Dave. You have girly arms :D
    JK, now get back to work! :fuss:

    Seriously though, Lynn are you talking about painting the body of the car satin black?
    *please say no*
  13. The satin black would be a major PITA to roll on there smoothly, would cost a ton if I had to do it all with rattle-cans, and would probably be a PITA to maintain as far as cleaning and such in concerned. I just used the semi-gloss stuff on the trim because that's all I had at the time, I just wanted it to color-match for the time being, and the whole car is getting repainted later after the front/rear bumpers and hood are swapped on there, anyway. :shrug:
  14. Did you ever find a nose? I have an '89 hatch with an '81 Capri nose on it, I'd be willing to swap if you are interested.
  15. Well, BK_CAULEY and Aaron pitched in and bought me one. I'm waiting for it to ship.

    Hell, I still wouldn't mind swapping you just to have an extra nose. I'm keeping the Saleen airdam for my Notch though.
  16. i love them myself and i am putting them on my 87 mustang i had to drill new holes and i have to cut the notches as well.great choice you have great taste in cars and i also with go with the saleen wing .

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  17. Looks like I'll be buying the front end off the red Capri in the junkyard.

    BK and Aaron have pitched in some cash for it. I'll most likely be getting the hood too since it'll be WAY cheaper to buy locally than to have a nose shipped. It's not in great shape but I'm sure it will be fine once King Turd Polisher gets his hands on it.

    Thanks again, guys! :hail2: :banana:

  18. I thought they got you one off eBay already :scratch: