Project "Face Off": 1980 Mercury Capri aero to four eye Progress Thread!

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  1. Damnit quit bringing me into chit! :fuss:

    Now, back to Lynn swinging and sticks and things :drool:
  2. WOW, this was brought back from the dead. Any other updates Lynn? I didn't look that far back into the thread.
  3. :drool:
    Not really, other than the car is sitting due to a bad fan clutch. :(
  4. Who needs a fan in az anyways?!
  5. :lol::shrug:
  6. Finally got a new fan clutch, fan AND new steering rack. God, I love my man. :drool:

    I still need to sand my hatch and 3-pc wing.
  7. Car is sitting awaiting an alignment. :(

    ... and 5 lug conversion. :banana:
  8. what wheels are you going to put on?
  9. I've got some Tri Bars but, it's not a Stang so, I dunno...
  10. I like tri-bars, you could always modify the center caps to add a mercury emblem.
  11. True that and my boyfriend is pretty good at stuff like that... :thinking:
  12. Hey Lynn, this is Byron…I live up the street in east Mesa and part Mustangs out of my house. You came by and picked up a couple of things before ( I stumbled on to your thread and checked out your progress. Pretty cool! I really like the Capri noses too. Back when I lived in MT through ’93, virtually all I could find and afford were Capri 4 cylinders so I would buy them for $500 and swap in 289s, 302s, and 351Ws. Made for a lot of low budget fun cars.

    Everyone on here will probably beat me up for this, but back in ’90 a friend of mine had an ’81 Capri and I had an ’80 notch. We were getting them ready for paint at the same time and I noticed that the body lines looked the same so I swapped his hood and front cover for my hood and cover and we painted them as is. Here’s a pic of it.

    Beat me up if you want to, but I think the notch with the Capri nose rocks. I also put Capri tails on it painted to match.

  13. Byron!! I remember. :-D I won't beat you up over that. It was back on the 90's. Lol it DOES look good. :)
  14. Hell, I'd rock it!
  15. That does look pretty good. As much as i like the Capri fenders on a Capri, i just don't like them on a coupe as much. The nose looks right at home though.
  16. mustang1.jpg

    even this coupe? 80 coupe, came with no nose, and i had a 87 front end,and 84 carpi fenders... I wanted to buy the capri at the junkyard... They wouldn't let me... It was an 84 t-top, 5 spd, 5.0, tan interior... All that was left was the fenders and shell. All that to say, don't be mad that i took them for my coupe.
  17. Not bad either. I never really thought of Capri fenders on a Mustang....
  18. I know the picture sucks, but it's Mustang fenders still. Just the bumper cover, hood, and tail lights are Capri. Even the hood scoop is Mustang!
  19. My son decided for me that I need to go back to blue (he's getting it when I croak. lol) . He was so pissed at me and Dave for painting it black. I wish now that I would have just left the paint alone until I could afford a real paint job.
  20. 5 lug conversion on the front. \m/

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