"Project FordStrokers 385 Pinks All Out" Norwalk OH

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  1. +1 on Fordstrokers, I should be receiving my new short block from them first week of May. I talked to both of them on the phone and they're great people to deal with. I would never consider a short block from anyone else! :nice:
  2. sweet stuff Rob. coming together nicely
  3. What caused the drop in dispacement? Looking forward to seeing how this ends up!

  4. You have made my day at work much better by my reading of this project..... this is sweet.
  5. keeping track... about a 4 hour drive but I've been there before.... sounds like fun!!
  6. Availibility of the crank that we need was the major one. It sucks but it is what it is and I need this project rolling as I need time to get this thing together, tuned, and track tested.

    Thanks alot bud! :nice:

    Hope to see you there! :D If you can make it come up and introduce yourself!:nice:
  7. My little man helping me get this thing together!:D

    Team Z Double Adjustable LCA's

    Brake lines installed and ready to rock!
  8. awesome, man! good luck!!
  9. Intake all mocked up and ready to go!
    Duane Busch did a very nice port match job on it for me!


  10. Piece of **** will never run. :rlaugh: :nice:
  11. Look who's talking..............:rlaugh:

    Should be running in the next few weeks!

    The engine just got here this past Friday morning!
  12. No kidding. Your up 2 to my 1 on engine builds in the same time period. LoL What can I say. Im slow!
  13. lmao.....................:lol:
  14. DSC02105.jpg





    Couple of my buds lending a hand!
  15. Nice, keep them coming! So clean...

  16. what clutch did you go with Rob?
  17. Thanks bro!

    Its a Pro-Motion Kustom Hi-Rev from Wally!