StangNet '11 5.0 Notch Project

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  1. Talked to them this morning, they hope to start shipping next week. I will post when I know more.
  2. Wow! Thanks for the fast response too! I didn't see it listed on their website so i figured i'd ask. I'm assuming it may be a special order piece so i'll have to contact their customer staff i'd assume.
  3. I'm glad to see the positive response to the part! :nice: Thanks for the kind words- we hope everyone likes it. We all have Mike to thank for this one! Keep your fingers crossed- we're hoping to start shipping these by the end of next week in full kit form. We'll make the official launch announcement right here on Stangnet!

    Look for the re-launch of the Fox Lightbar soon as well!
  4. Awesome! I am actually holding up painting my car until you guys release this. I have always wanted to do something semi unique with the front, and didn't really want to go cobra insert. This reminds me so much of a Mach1 delete. I'll be patiently waiting for the announcement and i'll be one of the first to purchase :D
  5. I love reading the progress on this project. I'm glad I finally got a free minute to review everything.
  6. Cant wait for someone to do a 3.5 EcoBoost/Fox Body conversion.
  7. Any updates?

    What are the options for brakes (under hood) for this swap?

  8. We plan to use a late model hydraboost setup. This should allow for clearance of the engine, we have yet to confirm BUT the top of this motor is a tad narrower than the 4.6L so we should be good to go.

    We picked up the booster, master and lines from We plan to run a Brembo Big Brake kit up front and rear Cobra calipers.

    This will be all detailed out once we start assembly, which we hope is soon! Just a lot of parts we are waiting on from several sources to make this engine work.

  9. Only thing left is the pump..... Any word on what pump? Or is it TBD by ford which pump will fit/work?
  10. Yep, we are waiting for Ford Racing to come out with their pump and pulley.

    Also be warned, late model stock K-members and some aftermarket K's we tested will not fit, they changed the oil pan on this sucker... not sure if any current K-members will work, we will post when we come up with our solution.

  11. This is a swap that I am very interested in. I appreciate your effort in documenting/paving the way.

    These coyote/fox conversions will become legend.
  12. Anything new on the return or return-less fuel system requirements?
  13. We are setting up a remote return system, as the engine is returnless but for ease of management of the fuel system with the computer, it will need to be a return system, which also allows use of the stock fuel tank and lines. We will be upgrading the fuel pump and up front will be a regulator. Parts are as follows.

    BBK Internal 255Lph Fuel Pump BBK-1607
    Professional Products Fuel Regulator PP-10671 url=][/url]
    Motorcraft Fuel Filter FG800A
    LMR Gas Tank Kit LRS-9002BK

    You can find all the parts we have gotten for the project here.

  14. Which ones didn't fit?
    And did you find one that did work?
  15. Well we know that a stock late model K-member and the Griggs K will not work for sure. We suspect almost all of them will not... if anyone tried to move the engine down at all there will be no room for the rack OR the oil pan for that matter... there is a new part of the pan that was in the half moon curve of the pan, so what was clearance is no longer there. The rack would need to come down just a little (which is not ideal) or the engine would need to go up some. We had to hack and cut on the factory K-member just to see how much clearance it really wanted, then the rack in stock location was touching the oil pan.

    J&M is working with us on a K-member for these engines. It will allow for stock control arms if you want to use them (2 locations) and should fit early FOX and the Late Models. We should have test out in about 2 weeks... will report then.

  16. **WARNING 1996-2004 MUSTANG OWNERS**

    I know these engines are about ready to start being sold to the public. IF you think that you can get this new engine and bolt it in to a Late Model SN95 with stock K-member... it's NOT going to happen.

    Also, this motor DOES accept 4.6L engine mounts.

    The Flywheel can be a 4.6L flywheel and clutch setup as well, bolt pattern on the crank is the same.

    The BOLT pattern on the heads are new, no version of headers out there is going to work. We are working with Kooks to get a set designed, which should happen next month.

  17. Do you know if the water pump is the same as 4.6 or 5.4 engines? Just wandering if you'd be able to use an electric water pump like a Meziere? Or is it a totally new design?
  18. Great build.
  19. To be honest I do not know at this point. The hoses and fittings on the engine are different though than the 3v.

  20. Gosh, body work takes to long IMO! We are close, expect to have the build back in the shop next week so we can start assembly.

    Check out the Grill Delete from CDC, think its gonna be a nice addition!


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