StangNet '11 5.0 Notch Project

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  1. OHHH so you guys ripped off my color :D
    Now i can say Mr. Raburn ripped off my car :nono: :lol:
    I do love that color though
  2. First.

  3. Interesting thought on a modified pan. I thought the coyote pan has a windage tray built into the gasket...

    Car is looking great.
  4. I have my 5.0 mod motor that will be here on Tuesday. Any updates on the headers or the K-member?
  5. I'll have the K-member here next week and will be able to test the fitment. No solutions on the headers as of yet. I have a set of the Kooks 2011 headers here and will see what they do, but I got a bad feeling.

    What all did you have shipped/fullfilled from Ford Racing? We are still waiting on our Control Pak, Power Steering Pump and Bracket.

    FYI for you guys out there....
    The Ford Racing POWER STEERING bracket being made for the new 5.0 goes in the AC Locations. :/ So don't plan on AC.

  6. So far just the engine. The control pack is promised in OCT. I havent looked into the power steering issue yet. I am sure there will be a bunch of hurdles. I have a 03 cobra IRS in the car and plan on using the new Magnum 6 speed trans. Keep the updates coming!!
  7. Paint is AWESOME! Is the color already flat or did you have to do something to flatten it? You mention clear. Won't the clear add a gloss?

    As you can probably tell, my painting experience thus far includes buying a paint gun. Other than my '88 LX, I have a '68 F100 I want to do a flat paint job on (guinea pig). Any pointers are appreciated.
  8. I like the work so far....

    But now I realize that if I want to swap a mod 5.0 into my car....I'm gonna need a whole bunch of other stuff other than the drivetrain.

    Looks good though. Someone has to be the first :)
  9. My engine arrived today!

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  10. Nice

    He's got the Engine! The K-member that we worked together with J&M is here, the engine fit in nice, will confirm fitment in the car soon, Ill post pics tomorrow, I think you are gonna like it!

    Got the car back to my shop today, check out the paint job! ;)


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  11. Hmmm do i see forward offset wheels ;)
  12. Where are pictures of the Kmember?
  13. so what was the final call on the grill insert? is it gonna be body color or black?
  14. You know it's a tough call really. I think Im going to go Body Color for now and get CDC to send us another one to do one in black. That way we can see what is best and also showcase maybe for them 2 different looks.

    Coming up in my next reply in 5 mins.

    We used a Griggs setup while we were transporting the car to and from body. The wheels will be coming back to stock base. ;)
  15. J&M K-Member for the 5.0

    We test fitted the newly designed K-member from J&M today in the BTC project. They designed this new K-member to function/work in 79-04 Mustangs. It comes with 2 LCA arm positions and with or without spring perches (for coil overs) and you will be able to use your own stock LCAs, and I believe they will be making their own J&M LCAs as well. This will also work for other 4.6L engines and they will be fitting pushrod mounts as well for the setup.

    The design is radical for sure. No tubing used which actually carries less material if you were to compare to tubing metal content.

    The engine went in like a charm and we noted some simple changes we think would benefit the setup and will be going over these with them soon and getting another one built to spec. We wanna tweak the engine mount platforms to give more room for header clearance and some box strength for the platform.

    This piece is solid. They put a lot of time in the engineering of this thing for sure! The K-member is much lighter compared to stock and we will get an official weight soon.

    There are changes to this new 5.0 motor with the oil pan and some room had to be made in the design of a K-member to accept. The engine is sitting at stock height and to our jubilee the FOX stock hood will work just fine!! The rack mount locations are a little lower (on purpose) and will require a bump steer kit to get the perfect alignment.

    I'll keep you posted on this one, but we are excited to see this piece from J&M and appreciate their hard work on getting something built to fill this new market.



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  16. Wow, thanks for doing this project. this is really cool to follow.
  17. Now you gotta love this picture!!


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  18. sweet Jesus that thing is a beauty!
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