Tank_567 Turbo build

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  1. DYNO ####

    384rwhp, 447rwtq @ 6lb of boost!:D:D going to run 5-6lbs boost for now, get use to the turbo. I will post a video later tonight.
  3. Holy smokes Batman! :eek: That's some insane torque! Especially for just 6 pounds of boost.
  4. Damn! Nice work and nice numbers!
  5. dude, that is awesome. How was the overall installation? was there any bumps in the road? turbo's seem so technical.
  6. wasnt too bad, the down pipe was the biggest issue. Other than that, as long as you dont cheap out on parts and take your time, its not too bad:nice: OH and also it helps if you have all the parts before you start installing everything:rolleyes:
  7. Wow, that sounds so sick inside the car, and videos usually don't do justice to cars. I bet it sounds insane in person.
  8. yeah it sounds soo good i just cant keep my foot off the gas:D BTW thanks for all the comments, also want to thank my bro for all the hard work. Next mod, 3.55 gears:nice:
  9. Awesome bob! I'm very impressed with eric's welding skills! Love the torque numbers, hows first gear? hahah. I will jumping head first into my build this weekend! Im going to loosely bolt up the hotside so i can see turbo placement, gotta clock the turbo to where i want it, and finish fabbing the coldside from turbo to intercooler. Instead of getting a new maf, i got a vmp true 3" slot style maf housing pipe. The slof mafs work great in blow-thru setups, gonna run a mafia on it too. I got my tial wastgate in the mail!

    On another note, any plans for coating or heat wrap on any piping? how are temps?
  10. Yeah going to drive it and see how the temps are first, then wrap. I still need to get a set of tires.:( I wish I could help you with your build:nice:
  11. AMAZING bro, simply AMAZING
  12. Yeah def gonna use up that rubber now! sounds like a plan.
    Heck yeah i could def use the help. I still remember when my cai/tuner came in the mail and you were like lets put in on now!lol, remember.. 295!!! lol

    Gonna start again sat and take pics of course.

    The on3 kit came with heat wrap so im gonna wrap the up and down pipe for starters.
    Also got a turbo blanket awhile back for a good price.
  13. UPDATED dyno numbers

    410rwhp/510rwtq, those are Std numbers and not SAE, but sick tq~ I'm going to make another video soon w/ the new boost. May take it down to the track this weekend:nice:
  14. Are you going to have drag radial or slicks to race on? I think with 500+ tq you will blaze some street tires and run a 13 second pass at 115mph. good luck and keep us posted.:nice:
  15. Street tires, still got 3.27 gears in the rear, It should not spin bad if I baby it out of the hole:D BTW I may have to turn down the boost. clutch is slipping in 3rd &4th with load... I did not think I would be making around 600 flywheel tq.
  16. I love this build! :hail2: Can you PM me some numbers about what this might cost to replicate at your brother's shop?
  17. Very, very nice man. That's basically how I want my car to end up. Awesome build and numbers.