Tank_567 Turbo build

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  1. I upgraded the fronts way back in 2006 when my factory brakes wore out, but I didn't get the rears until a few days ago. The Cobra brakes are one of my favorite mods, and they certainly win the "bang-for-the-buck" award (if you buy used like we did). I stripped and repainted the calipers so everything looks brand new. I'll try to remember to snap a few photos when I head up to the shop.
  2. If you see another set for that price, let me know!!! haha, I've wanted a set for a long time, but can't justify spending $500-$600+ just for the fronts.
  3. Sure thing Will, I have my set of PBR brakes if you want those?

    BTW fronts installed


  4. Thats retarted cheap, I wish i could find a set that cheap.
  5. I saw a set a few months back; all 4 corners, <10k miles on them, and included the springs, shocks, struts, and front control arms.....for $250. I saw that post like 30 minutes after he put it up, called him immediately, and he said they were already sold. I told him that with a price like that, that's what I'd expect.

    I tried piecing together a kit via reman parts and whatnot a while back, but had trouble finding the mounting brackets. I now have a lead on how to get them without paying and arm and a leg. If it works out, it'll be a complete front kit (calipers, high quality rotors and pads, mounting brackets/hardware, and stainless lines) for around $300. If it works out, I'll definitely post up about it.
  6. Its coming along, Thanks to Eric and Kyle getting the bottom-end built! Now my brother and I are hard at work getting the heads, cams, and everything else installed. Im hoping to have her running by the end of the week...






  7. Looking good!
  8. Nice video! Cars gonna be a monster!
  9. Damn Tank, I need your job man!

    It seems like it is xmas every damn day at your house! We are all watching with great anticipation!

    Now only if I could find about 2k to get a new blower for my nightmare....
  10. Looking good! I would have thrown a set of turbo cams on that sucker while it is apart since you are already out of the stock motor class, but eitherway, looks awesome!
  11. Trust me, you dont want my job...LOL

    Naw, I really want to see how far I can take the stock cams before spending another $500-600 on cams, springs and all the other stuff needed.

    BTW few more pics

    IMG_20120516_193132.jpg IMG_20120516_210323.jpg IMG_20120516_181945.jpg
  12. Speaking of.....is there gonna be a new ride this year? :D
  13. Thats a maybe, the wife wants a new Edge before I get another stang... I did talk her into getting an EcoBoost version:D
  14. Should be dropping this puppy in tomorrow;)



    EDIT: I will be taking more pic with my Nikon tomorrow as well, no more cell pics lol
  15. Just spent the last 30 minutes reading through the thread, impressive build man! I havent really looked at turbocharged 4.6's on the forums so yours got my attention. Too bad about the oil pump failing on you but for 130k somethings gotta give lol.This past Friday at the track at HRP there was a black 2v running a turbo setup and damn it was fast! It was running low 11's, thing sounded like a jet on takeoff lol.
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  17. Looks great Tank! One word of caution: don't let that blue tape cover the intake ports and coolant passages for too long, as it will become very difficult to remove. Ask me how I know...:nonono: