Then and Now. '88 LX

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  1. Sadly not lol they haven't gotten to it yet
  2. Ya unfortunately its like that sometimes.
  3. And she's off! Back next week :D
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  4. You must be getting excited. I remember when I sent my last Mustang off for paint. I was on pins and needles till it got back. :nice:
  5. Honestly, not really. I think the last body shop burned me pretty good so I'm hesitant to get even slightly excited for my car.
  6. Has no one had gold wheels like that?

    I think with the right set up you could pull it off
  7. Lmfao! That's 7 years of caked on dirt that I haven't cleaned off yet haha. I'm going 5 lug anyways so I'm just keeping them on there so it can roll.

    I can't decide what wheels I want, though .Black with polished lip FR500's or all chrome FR500's. I love chrome, but the cowl of my hood will be black and so will my mirrors, so I was thinking the black FR500's would look awesome :shrug:
  8. What color are you painting it?

    Skimmed back through thread couldn't find it.
  9. I probably didn't even post it :0 lol
    Sonic Blue :D
  10. I'd go with the black lipped personally. But i'm pretty biased. Not a big fan of chrome wheels.
  11. I'm completely opposite. Im biased alsoI love chrome wheels!! Black wheels have grown on me though.
  12. coming along man! i'm a little biased towards black/polished lip wheels, but i think chrome wheels will pop more on a sonic blue car.
  13. Actually the only reason I'm considering the black ones is because they're roughly $60 cheaper per wheel. But, the whole project has gone way passed my projected finish time, so what's a few more weeks of saving money to buy the wheels I actually want. I think I've settled on the chrome lol
  14. How is the paint coming?
  15. Projected finish date is sometime this week lol. I haven't gone down there to actually see it because I don't wanna bug them while they're working
  16. Haven't been here in a while. It's looking good! I can't wait to see it in blue!
  17. Same here. I'm finally getting excited for the car again lol
  18. I envy you for this. When my car got painted at the end of October I was cool and collected for a couple weeks. Then I was just itching to get it back. When I finally got it back it only took me 4 days to put everything back together again...I was also "working" full time during that 4 days.
  19. It'll probably take me a couple of weeks to get my car completely sorted out lol. I'll have to save up for my wheels, but other than that i've got everything ready to go in. I think